Basketball Player: Thalia Torres

Maybe you've seen her around campus... or las Justas. She always wears her distinctive cross. She shoots, she scores. This Jerezana has a lot to offer. But she's so much more than what she plays. Did you know that she double majors in Journalism and Economy? We love a girl who's got a drive for adventure and taboo topics such as politics. Meet this week's Campus Celeb:


Name: Thalia Torres

Age: 19

Major: Journalism and Economy

Classification: 3rd year

Hometown: Humacao


1.HCUPR: Why basketball?

Thalia: I’m not really sure. All I know is that ever since I was a child, I was raised with boys. All my cousins are boys, too, so it was either play basketball with them or play alone with my dolls.

2. HCUPR: What motivated you to start playing?

Thalia: It was really my brother who motivated me. When we started playing, it was at the same time. And he wanted to be on a team. So our mom signed the both of us to a “colores” tournament in Caguas.

3. HCUPR: Why do you think people discriminate women who play basketball?

Thalia: We live in a society that labels everything. Everything must be what they say it is. Basketball is a very physical game. So they think that boys are the only ones that can play because they'e as strong as stone, and girls should be as delicate as crystals. Since basketball is rough, they get the wrong idea that girls can’t play, but history has proved otherwise.

4. HCUPR: What is your greatest achievement?

Thalia: Wow, that’s a tough choice. Even though it's not something that I will do my entire life, basketball is the key that opened great doors for me.  For example last summer, I practiced with National Selection of my division, I currently am in the best University of the country, and I’m a member of the basketball team here. Also all the trips that I’ve done in order to represent my team or my country. It’s been great. But if there’s anything that I can say that I’m proud to have achieved, is growing as a person because of basketball. It has taught me discipline, and has made me change as a better person. That will be my greatest achievement of all.

5. HCUPR: What are your goals? Short term and Long term.

Thalia: Short term, since I’m a student in Journalism and Economy, I would like to have a third major in Public Relations, and also keep participating in the L.A.I., because it’s not something you always get to do. Also keep on with professional projects. As for long term, work on what I study, and be a part of our nation’s politics. Make something that would help the economy of Puerto Rico and the political area, too. That’s what I look for in life.


6. HCUPR: Who is your role model?

 Thalia: It’s weird, I currently have no one. I’m a very peculiar athlete, I don’t follow anyone on that aspect. But someone who really inspires me is my family; especially my mother, my grandma, and my brother. I am who I am because of those who raised me. I come from a family where my mother raised me.  She was both my mom and dad.  I also want to show my brother that if I could do it, so can he.

7. HCUPR: If you could give a message to those girls out there that play, what would you tell them?

Thalia: My advice would be the following: start the game. Even though you will always find someone who will try to put you down, don’t listen to what they say. If you truly love this, you will find a way.  Basketball is much more than just a sport, it makes you grow.

8. HCUPR: How do you balance basketball, university and your job?

Thalia: It’s really hard, I must confess. But I work this in the following order: my studies come first, basketball comes second, and lastly my job. The last one is the one that gives me the income, basketball has given me many things, but my studies will always be my top priority.

9. HCUPR: Describe yourself in 3 words:

Thalia: Extrovert, honest, but mostly kind.