Around the World: 5 Fantastically Autumnal Landscapes

Autumn is just around the corner. Tree leaves turn from green to brown and orange. There are many wonders and beauties of the nature that surrounds us. You may not be aware of how much natural wonder there is. From all the way to the temples and shrines of Kyoto, Japan, to the breathtaking forests of the United States of America, nature reveals itself in a beautiful transition to winter. It’s perfect to take a walk and enjoy the scenery, whether it’s hand in hand with your significant other or by going out with your friends or family. It will surely be an adventure that will be remembered forever.

  1. 1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Along the Appalachian Mountains in the United States of America, wildlife surrounds every corner of the huge forest from Gatlinburg, Tennessee all the way up to the North Carolina border. The “Smoky Mountains” gained their name because of the morning fog on the western segment of the Appalachian Mountains. It has gained historical meaning as a National Park ever since 1934. It’s definitely one of many beautiful autumn sites in the world.

  2. 2. Daigo-ji Temple

    Covering a whole mountainside stands the Daigo-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, a Shingon Buddhist Temple that has gained ultimate value throughout history with it being the oldest building in Kyoto ever since 951. It’s definitely a fantastic view and a great stroll to take with the autumn trees everywhere.   

  3. 3. Stowe, Vermont

    Stowe, Vermont is known as the “Fall’s color capital.” It’s a perfect place to do fun activities, such as the “Foliage Arts Festival,” the “Stowe Octoberfest,” or just sit and relax with the wonders that surround you.

  4. 4. Central Park

    Not only does the “Big Apple” brim with opportunity, but it also has spectacular fall foliage over in the Central Park of Manhattan, New York. Located in the very center of Manhattan, the National Historic Landmark offers many year-long activities. You’ll never get bored!

  5. 5. Neuschwanstein Castle

    Who doesn't like a good fairy tale that has a big castle? The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria. It’s perfect to wander around. You’ll get to experience the autumn season on a whole new level when you get to visit a grandiose and historical place such as this one.

All in all, if you haven’t decided where to travel next, why not try one of these five destinations? There are still so many people living in the tropics that haven’t seen a beauty like the autumn season bloom to its fullest, myself included. This might be the perfect year to start new travel plans and put a certain destination on the bucket list.

Autumn, here I come!