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Animal Abuse Awareness: 5 Ways to Get Started

This world was created with a special bonus… animals! They are truly the cutest, no matter what kind. Yet, humans abuse their power over them, and this is just not fair. We, humans, have put animals in confined spaces, on a leash without freedom, malnourished them, and (one that makes my blood boil) is product testing on them before we buy and use said products.

Animals are precious; we all love watching the funny videos on the internet, but we never talk about the circumstances they live in. We can change that, and we can become the change these animals need. This way, the animals are happy, and we are also happy.

We understand that not everyone wants to go vegetarian and vegan, and that's alright. There are a lot more ways that you can help. Here are little things you can do in your everyday life that will help animals and stop the abuse. Plus, animal abuse awareness month is coming up in April, so better be ready! Here are a few things you can start doing now:  


1. Start doing “Meatless Monday”.

A study showed that it takes about 21 days to form a habit, said Maria Popova in an article titled “How Long It Takes to Form a New Habit.” So, if it only takes 21 days, then helping animals is right around the corner. Meatless Monday is becoming a popular lifestyle choice these past few years. It is literally not eating meat on Mondays and going vegetarian. Meat can be great sometimes, and in the past 10 years, meat consumption has had a growth of about 20%. So, if we take one day a week and change the meat with tofu or other replacements or just not eat meat overall; then, we would be saving animals from their downfall. We would be decreasing the intake of meat. Also, why would you want to eat the meat when you can become friends with the animal?

Here you will find vegetarian recipes to get started.


2. Purchase “Cruelty-free” cosmetics or household products.

Nowadays, we purchase makeup or other products and never ask ourselves if they were tested on animals. A lot of big brand cosmetics are tested on animals before they are put in stores; brands like NARS, Avon, Clinique, and Benefit are a few of the many that still test on animals. Luckily, there are cruelty-free tags that are specifically made to inform us that brands love animals and don’t want them to suffer. If we all start paying attention to what we buy and avoid brands that do animal testing, then eventually the brands that do not do animal testing will win out.

Important note: Not all products that say they were not tested on animals are true; to know if they really are, click on this link.


3. Join an organization.

Joining organizations full of people that fight for the same things you believe in is an amazing way to assure change. Today, there are millions of organizations that fight for the welfare of animals. If you have never joined an organization like this, well, now is your chance, here are a few you can join now:


The list goes on…


4. Adopt.

The best way to make an animal happy is by giving it a home, so why not yours? Of course, there are many underlying factors, but if you manage to adopt just one that’s a “giant leap for animal kind.” Petsmart is always saving cats and dogs from the streets and put them up for adoption, it is literally like $20 or $30 to adopt, and you will have a new best friend for life!

If you're already thinking of getting a pet, then adopting is a great way to go. You'll save a lot of money, and pets who are mixes are usually healthier. Dog breeding has a long and messy history. If you want to learn more, click here.

5. Take action!

There are many ways to take action; one of them is by contacting your federal and state legislators. The Humane Society is working on fighting against violence against animals, dogfights, and many others that involve the mistreatment and the abuse of animals. If you don’t know what they are doing specifically then here is a link to tell you. If you already know what it is, then hop on over and click on this other link to take action now!


Hope you all enjoyed this article. Remember, April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month!

P.S. Here are a few gifs to really reel you in. Enjoy!



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