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8 Things To Do Before Semester Starts In Full Force

Semesters are fun. You get to take classes, learn all sorts of interesting things and make new friends. Even then, sometimes it can get overwhelming and draining. With little time to study, work and leisure, anyone can start to feel completely out of it. There are plenty of things you can do to prep for the incoming rut and even avoid it altogether. This works for me and I hope it works for you!

Clean your room.

The first, always, is the organization. Continuing to live in your room, where there are still papers from the last semester on the floor, will block you, stress you out and not motivate you to do other things. Clean, throw away the trash and leave everything to your liking. To encourage you, you can do a small redecoration, perhaps move the bed closer to the window or something similar. This is your time, and it is better to do it now than to be surprised by the next semester while still carrying the previous one on your shoulders.

Rearrange your closet.

Open the closet and face it. You both went through a tough semester, and it’s time to get organized again. Take out the worn-out shoes that are still there. Donate the clothes that you no longer use, and bring things that no longer work to the fabric recycling center. Clearing it a bit can help you have everything accessible and simple to keep orderly. Also, seeing the clothes you have that you did not remember can help you know what to count for the next semester or vice versa; it helps you determine what things you may need for the next semester.

Truly prepare your backpack.

Now that you’ve probably taken a few classes, you can actually asses what materials you need.  In order to leave the university aside in the recess, we have to leave everything ready. Take out the notebooks from the classes that you’ve finished from your backpack and buy new ones. Check what school supplies you need and what things you can throw away. Clean your backpack inside and out and organize your school supplies in your own way for the next semester.

Take back some abandoned hobbies.

during the semesterWe all have a hobby that we do not pay much attention to during the semester, but we can return to it, even if it’s for a little while. Whether it’s writing, painting, playing the guitar, going to the beach, going to the movies, reading all the books that were stacked, among others. Going back to doing these things that we like help us to relax and get in tune with ourselves.

Binge watch your fave shows.

Now you can stay up all night but instead of studying it’ll be doing marathons of your favorite series! You can catch up with the ones you already see or you can watch the movies you love again. Find your favorite snack, grab a friend and have fun!

Go out to eat with your family.

The time we dedicate to our family is very important and maybe a long time ago, you do not go out to eat together in a nice place or in the house. Gather your family and plan to eat and do an activity after eating. Talk and share what happened to you lately in college or at work. Your family is therapy, and they support each other; it will do you good.

Try new recipes.

Even if you are not a person to cook every day, you should try this. Maybe the way you ate these last months was not the best, so choose something healthy. It will relax you and the results may surprise you. Some background music can keep you company, and if you are the right age then also a glass of wine

Discover at least one new thing!

There are so many things that you want to explore and so little time. Take advantage of your free spaces and expand your territories with new things. Listen to new artists, start series that grab your attention, and go eat at places you’ve never been to. Play with your way of doing things and break your monotony; you can explore new things even in the colors you use in your way of dressing or in the ones you use in your makeup. Exploring does not cost you anything, and we always learn new things about ourselves.

Paola is a young writer who enjoys sharing advice and helping others. She is currently finishing a BA in Statistics and likes to use her spare time to have fun with friends and family.
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