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70’s Fashion Highlights: Mix-Match & Knit-Wear

Trends come and go, and some make comebacks—nowadays, fashion icons and designers are bringing back the seventies. The late sixties was a time of global upheaval post-WWII and social awakening, especially in the USA; after Vietnam, a strong sense longing for peace oozed. The seventies became an age of exploration, and their fashion sense spoke their inner voices. This week we’ve been throwing it back to the decade that first used their outfits as means of expression.

In today’s highlights, we’re spitting out their knitwear, how they mixed, matched and marched for human rights in style.

Ribbed Tops

Ribbed t’s were a staple piece that gals and guys matched up with flares and skirts in their everyday outfits. For a modern take on the cozy top, be sure to pair with some ripped jeans and some Chelsea booties. If you aren't about that look, the top is sure to look great with an A-Line skirt!

Camisole Tanks

This was the garment of the era—later turned into the scoop-neck camisole during the eighties and the shell of the nineties. This piece never really faded out of fashion since then, proving some essentials are lifetime faves. Camisole tanks are the one true mix-and-match fashion staple! They come in sooo many colors and they're perfect to change up any look. A black one under a blazer can make you look like the baddie casual of your dreams and a colorful one under a sheer top will make you look ready for a rave.


Matching patterns between tops and bottoms was not the norm back then—easily perusing through the store and plucking out the pieces you loved for the sake of it, not painstaking hours away finding the right top for that skirt. Mix-and-match collections of separate patterns were the trend in department stores. Nowadays, there are a lot of resources to find out which pattern combos truly are the best.


Crochet became a common hobbie during the decade, men and women of all ages engaged in homemade handcrafting, especially with macramé. It's the perfect not-so-dramatic statement piece for anyone and everyone. Pair it with jeans, skirts and jumpsuits. There are so many options.

Trends come and go but there are ways in which you can make pieces truly timeless. I hope you dare to rock the look and feel amazing doing so!

Ana Teresa Solá is a Creative Writing student at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus and aspires to further her education with an M.S. in Journalism. Solá covers all things society and culture, and advocates for human equality.
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