The 7 Things That Probs Happened During Quarantine

Quarantine life has definitely hit us hard; it took us by surprise, and we had no other option but to adapt to a whole new way of life between four walls. Our old routines were erased and we had to start anew. Many things have happened during this time and all we can do is look through a screen. It’s almost surreal how fast life changed and how everything revolves around quarantine now. Here are a few things that have probably happened to you during these past months:

  1. 1. You messed up your sleep schedule.

    Sleep? I don’t know her. Normal sleep patterns don’t exist anymore; you either sleep too much or not at all. The schedule is so messed up that I bet most of us are surviving on naps. Days have blended together, and now everybody is awake or asleep at strange hours. The thing is, there isn’t much to do if you get bored, so you end up taking a nap. You can try to get your sleep pattern back to normal, but you will probably fail or mess it up again in a few days.

  2. 2. You forgot an assignment or a class meeting.

    With so much time spent at home, we tend to forget what day it is, which leads us to forget assignments or classes. It’s also hard to get the energy to do class assignments while being in this situation, but remember to keep calm and try your best. Submitting an incomplete homework is better than not submitting anything at all; even if it is a little late, send it. Talk to your professors and ask other students for their help.

  3. 3. You accidentally binge-watched a series.

    Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and any other streaming platform is now your best friend. With too much free time on your hands, this is a good time to watch a series... but do not finish it in one day. You see, that means you have nothing to do for however long quarantine lasts. Plus, with everything having come to a halt, the chances of getting a new season are next to zero. You will end up feeling empty after that massive cliff hanger. 

  4. 4. You desperately miss your friends.

    Since I started college, I have lived with my best friend, but now in quarantine, I’m back home with my family. There is nothing on earth that I miss more than my friends, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. Everyone is missing their friends and housemates. We keep in contact with each other, but it’s not the same as spending the days together. 

  5. 5. You've run out of things to do.

    You finished all the series and movies you wanted to watch. You probably don’t have any more books to read. You played too much Animal Crossing or any other equally addicting game. You tried out that recipe you wanted to make. And now there is nothing left to do. For the first time, we have too much time and little to do with it. It’s not like vacation time where you can go to the beach or the movies if you get bored of being home. We have to stay home in order to get back to normal as quickly as possible. So running out of things to do isn’t difficult, but neither is finding something new to do.

  6. 6. You gained or lost weight.

    Some of us don’t have the energy to do exercise. All we do is sleep and stress eat. Others, with nothing else to do, are doing more exercise than they have done during all their lives. These changes are entirely normal during these stressful times. Remember that everyone copes differently and that you are beautiful no matter what.

  7. 7. You changed your hair.

    If you have not done it yet, you are probably thinking of doing it. In times like these, it’s completely normal to want a change, something new to break the monotony... even if that means messing up your hair. The hair salons are closed (and even if they aren't, it’s kind of risky to go), so taking the matter into their own hands has many people with weird coloring or crooked hair. But hey, it’s okay! It is not like anyone will see you, and you can always go to fix it when all of this is over. If making the change makes you happy, go for it! 

You are not alone in all this. Remember that out there are people that can relate to you. Quarantine has been crazy, but we got to have each other's back. Stay home and stay safe, so this can be over quickly!