6 Not Very Scary Suspense Movies for Halloween

Even though we're spending Halloween quarantined and it might not be ideal, we can spend it doing other fun activities— like binging on some Halloween movies. You might think, “Halloween movies are so scary!” but there are tons of movies out there that are level one and two scary and still entertaining as hell. 

  1. 1. Ready or Not (2019)

    This comedy horror follows Grace on her wedding day. The groom’s family has a tradition of playing a game the night someone marries into their family. The game is decided randomly from a card, and when hide and seek is chosen, Grace doesn’t realize that she’s about to play for her life. Throughout the rest of the movie, all of the members of the family hunt Grace because they say they need to kill her in order to survive. It’s a movie full of gory and suspenseful scenes that will have you feeling tense till the very end. 

  2. 2. Happy Death Day (2017)

    This is a suspenseful comedy movie that follows college student Tree Gelbman on the day of her birthday. She wakes up in a guy’s bed, leaves for her sorority house, and just before the day ends, she is killed by someone in a mask. However, she wakes up in the guy's bed again, and the same day repeats itself over and over again. 

  3. 3. The Scream Movies (1996)

    This franchise is an entertaining classic that I whip out around Halloween. They are those typical, scary slasher movies that follow people getting killed by someone wearing a mask. The first movie brings "Ghost Face" to life, a bloodthirsty killer that stalks and kills a teenage girl and her friends. 

  4. 4. A Quiet Place (2018)  

    I remember going to the movies without even knowing what this one was about. It’s a movie that keeps you on your toes the whole time. The narrative follows a family in a post-apocalyptic world in which they have to keep quiet in order to survive because there alien creatures have invaded the Earth, and they hunt and kill anyone who makes a sound. It’s a very well-written suspense movie that marvelously tells a story with barely any dialogue.

  5. 5. The Babysitter (2017)

    I actually haven’t watched this one, but now that there's a sequel, I’m planning on watching them both this Halloween. It’s a comedy horror about 12-year-old Cole and his babysitter. Cole stays up past his bedtime one day, and discovers that his babysitter is both a killer and a devil worshipper. Cole now tries to call the police and survive while his babysitter and her friends try to kill him.

  6. 6. The Final Girls (2015)

    Another movie that I haven’t watched but plan to ASAP. It follows Max, whose dead mother is an actress in a slasher movie. While watching the movie with her friends at the theater, they find themselves inside it. It’s a very lightweight and funny movie about teenagers that already know what happens in slasher movies, so they try to find ways to survive as best as they can. 

Even if you're not a scary movie fan like myself, you can enjoy these movies. While these films have jumpscares and gore, they won’t leave you having nightmares for weeks. Hope you have a happy Halloween watching these great suspense films!