6 Beauty Youtubers That Actually Help

Have you noticed that lately, beauty gurus don’t do as many makeup tutorials as they used to? Others have, way back when the likes of Michelle Phan ruled YouTube it was the norm for beauty gurus to post tutorials and forbid them from uploading anything else! But nowadays our beauty influencers have stepped out of the box, focusing on reviews, the occasional drama, or even taking a more personal approach to their content. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but sometimes people just want a good old fashion tutorial (with an actual explanation) you know? That’s why HC has compiled a small list of YouTubers that will actually help!

  1. 1. Tati Westbrook

    Who is Tati you ask? Well, she is just the go-to for all type of makeup product recommendations! If you aren’t part of her more than 5 million subscribers, you probably know her as one of James Charles’ and Jeffree Star’s closest friends. From reviewing drugstore to high-end makeup, you can make sure that Tati will provide her honest opinion with absolutely no bias. She never holds back, and if Tati approves of a product, you best believe that it’s worth every penny. So next time you make that makeup run in Walgreen’s make sure to check what Tati thinks.

    In this video, she provides recommendations for a makeup starter kit for rookies on a budget!


  2. 2. Christen Dominique

    Christen is one of the few beauty gurus left that constantly upload tutorials. She also has her own cosmetics brand called Dominique Cosmetics, which you can find in Sephora. Christen tends to give great advice throughout her tutorials on how to bring out your best potential when applying makeup. She also tries to make them as beginner friendly as possible, by uploading content directed for all users. Not only that but she’s all about the beauty within! If you want to be part of the Quad fam, make sure to subscribe!

    For her video, Christen collaborated with her friend Slyvia Gani to do the Bratz Challenge.


  3. 3. Kerie Ortiz

    Out of all the rest of the beauty gurus in this list, Kerie Ortiz is a newcomer. But her talent has earned her a spot in this list. Her eye looks always tend to have a certain theme, be it a focus on a particular color or even using music videos as a source of inspiration. If you don’t know what to do with your eye makeup for a special event, make sure to check her channel out, we’re sure you’ll find something!

    In this tutorial, Kerie does the look in the image provided! It’s a look using the ABH Norvina Palette!


  4. 4. Glam&Gore "Mykie"

    Have you ever been interested in FX makeup? Well, Glam&Gore is the way to start! Mykie and her more than 3 million Zombaes are all about the creepy part of makeup and are proof that you don’t need to wait until Halloween to learn how to do cuts and bruises. She breaks everything down pretty easily, always starting with the glam part of a look and then going to the gore aspect, hence the name. Mykie is also a NYX Face Awards “Beauty Vlogger Winner of 2015”! Make sure to check her tutorials and her other content out, you will have a laugh!

    For this installment in her FX Disney Princesses series, Mykie created a glam and gore look for the one and only Princess Ariel!


  5. 5. sichenmakeupholic

    Believe it or not but you’ve probably seen some of her tutorials roaming around on Facebook or Pinterest! Sichen is a Youtuber with about 1.3 million subscribers, she does simple wearable looks (even her Halloween looks!). What makes her shine is the way she provides diagrams on how to apply makeup in her tutorials. If you’re looking for nice subtle looks, make sure to check her out!

    In this tutorial, she does a “Cute/Edgy” look for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be for Valentines Day.


  6. 6. PONY Syndrome

    Pony is known as one of the queens of makeup in South Korea! This makeup artist turned influencer has 4.9 million subscribers that she provides with exquisite makeup looks. Be it for the person that wants something simple to the person that wishes to go all out, Pony is the perfect balance between the two. Worried because she speaks Korean? No need to! Because Pony always provides detailed explanations and subtitles to all of her videos.

    In this edition of her “PONY THE GLOBETROTTER” series, Pony takes us to Coachella, in which she does a little GRWM on her detailed Coachella look.


Now we all know that makeup takes time to learn and YouTube does play a big role in that learning process. Yet with the lack of tutorials, sometimes it’s difficult to find those YouTubers that are worth our subscribe button (let’s not forget the amount of drama the beauty community has as well). Hopefully, these beauty gurus will guide you in the right direction. Follow all of these lovely ladies in their respective social platforms and make sure to tag them (and us!) if you ever try one of their looks. Remember to always have fun while doing your makeup and always do it for yourself, and not others!