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50 Things To Do While You Wait for Bae To Answer Your Texts

Sometimes bae takes 0.0008 seconds to answer your messages; other times, they take FOREVER. They might be actually busy or may be legit ignoring you, so we decided to give you 50 options of things to do while you wait “patiently” for them to continue the conversation.

50. Get married.

49. Star Wars movie marathon. Twice

48. Read all of the Harry Potter books. 

47. Move to a new city. 

46. Create the wedding of your dreams on Pinterest. 

45. Run a marathon. 

44. Do a triathlon. 

43. Win the lottery! 

42. Know their family better. 

41. Stalk their Facebook friends.

40. Impeach the President of the United States (?)

39. Find a cure for cancer. 

38. Finish your Bachelor’s Degree.

37. Be a bridesmaid/bestman at your best friend’s wedding. 

36. Write a book. 

35. Wait until Oscar López comes back to Puerto Rico.

34. Travel around the world! 

33. Visit EVERY SINGLE Holiday Inn Hotel in the world. 

32. Go to the gym.

31. Actually wait patiently for bae to answer. 

30. Create a Sim character of your bae. 

29. Have babies with the Sim character of your bae. 

28. Kill your bae’s Sim character. 

27. Cheat on bae’s Sim character. 

26. Watch 1,000 videos of cats

25. Build a motorcycle from scratch. 

24. Watch Crimes of Passion documentaries. 

23. Learn an extreme sport. 

22. Play video games. 

21. Nap forever! 

20. Open a tinder account and see if bae is on Tinder. 

19. Plant a garden. 

18. Learn seven new languages. 

17. Open a dog refuge. 

16. Organize your closet. 

15. Hand out resumes at stripclubs. 

14. Empty your bank account and create a business that makes you a millionaire. 

13. Learn how to pole dance. 

12. Become a master chef. 

11. Face your fears!

10. Recreate Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl music video! 

9. Become an influencer. 

8. Master whatever bae is good at.

7. Compete in a pageant! 

6. Make a pact with the devil. 

5. Eat a thousand spicy jalapeños!

4. Move on! 

3. Hibernate.

2. Forget about it! 

1. Get another bae!

Born in New York's finest hospital: Belleview. Raised in an echanted island: Puerto Rico. Don't expect me on the sidelines, I walk as if the world were my runway. Journalism student learning Physical Education and Recreation because writing stories under preassure was not enough.  
Nahir Robles was a former member of the Her Campus at UPR chapter from 2013 until 2018. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Integrative Biology. Some of her interests include writing, modeling, and wrestling. She is currently a Her Campus Mentor and works as a Pathology Assistant.
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