5 Trendy Hats and How to Style Them

Hats are a great fashion statement, especially when you feel like your outfit looks a bit boring. They are also a great way to hide your hair when you feel like you’re having a bad hair day. On campus, more and more people are starting to use this amazing accessories to express themselves, and I have to say, this is an amazing trend. Maybe you see them and think to yourself, “I could never pull that off” or “I wouldn’t even know how to style them.” That is why here you can see some ideas on how to style each hat.

  1. 1. Bucket Hats

    It seems like this 90’s dad style trend is getting a lot of attention from plenty of people. A lot of celebrities, college students and fashion icons are helping this hat to make a comeback. When I see a fellow student wearing one I can just think, “This person is so cool”. These hats are a quirky way to spice up your wardrobe and a way to add some fun into your day. You may think it’s a little bit hard to style, but when you have a bucket hat in a neutral color, it can tone down outfits that are quite bright. On the other hand, if you have a bucket hat in a bright neon color, it can do worlds to upgrade a neutral-colored outfit. It'll give it that much-needed pop!

  2. 2. Fisherman Hats

    When I was a kid, I remember seeing this hat everywhere. The first time I saw someone using one of these hats as a cute trend, I thought they were so fashionable and brave. Now, half a year later, I see tons of people bringing this hat back. I feel like everyone who wears these are part of a secret fashion club that no one’s supposed to know about. Depending on the style of fisherman hat, they can kinda look like bucket hats, but fisherman hats tend to be floppier or they can be the type of hat that's kind of similar to the cap. You can wear one of these hats with some cute flowy pants, a basic tee and a pair of statement sunglasses. You’ll have people turning to see your outfit.

  3. 3. Baseball Caps

    They are an all-time classic! Baseball caps are perfect to throw on any day. They're easy to give you a sporty and stylish look at the same time. Another plus is that they're absolutely comfortable and very affordable. Plus, they'll protect your face from the sun! You can wear a cap with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and you’ve got yourself a trendy outfit. Bonus points if your baseball cap is an outrageous color.

  4. 4. Beret

    Art majors started to wear these beautiful hats a while ago and now it seems to have become a trend, especially between the Humanities students. This accessory can transform completely any outfit and make you look artsier. It takes a lot of courage to wear one of these hats and not feel like you just came back from touring in Paris and bought one at a souvenir shop. However, when you manage to get past that initial self-consciousness, I guarantee you’ll look amazing. A great combo for this type of hat is a pair of plaid pants and a nice shirt and voilà you’ll feel like the classiest person on earth.

  5. 5. Flat Cap

    When you think of a flat hat I’m sure the first thought that crosses your mind is that these hats are something your grandfather would wear. Well guess what, they're back on trend and not only for older people. These would look great with a pair of jeans and a blazer. Definitely perfect for streetwear!

Hats are a great way to self-express. It might be intimidating at first to try to wear some of these hats but what matters is that you like how you look and feel when you wear them. If you do wear any of these trends, be sure to tag us on IG!