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I have been wanting to upgrade my Instagram feed because, as of right now, my feed is a complete mess, and the farthest away from aesthetically pleasing. You must be thinking, then how am I qualified to write this piece? This summer, my friend @valeriapaolaaguilar began to create hers. So together, we made a list of some tips and must-knows before you begin!

Find your purpose 

Is your account just for fun? Or do you want to profit out of it? This is very important because you must consider how much time you're willing to invest in your account. If your goal is to promote yourself and build a platform, you'll have to dedicate much more attention to it. However, if it's just for fun, you don't really have to stress and plan it out so much. 

Choose your theme

You have to choose a style, color palette, and exactly how you want each picture to look like. How are you going to organize it? Search for different grid layouts to mold your Insta feed. Pinterest is your best friend for this. You can search up anything and organize it by making different boards for outfits and images you could post. 

Be creative and remain alert

Always be alert of your surroundings for themes. There can be inspiration anywhere, you just have to be creative. Make the most of the things that are at your reach, and take pictures and videos to collect for future posts. You can also plan out days to dress up and take pictures in a certain place.

Get a friend’s help 

Friends are there for support, so grab your friend and drag them along too― they can help you with pictures and ideas. Great minds think alike and you can’t do everything alone. If you are both interested in creating a feed, they can help choosing color palettes and taking pictures of each other. Who else is going to give you a blatantly honest opinion on whether you should make that post or not? 

Keep your profile interactive

This is something you’re going to want to do especially if you’re seeking to go further with your account. You have to keep your account active by posting often and engaging with followers. The more you interact, the better for your account to get recognition. 

These are just five tips to start you off! On another note, always remember that excessive social media use can be toxic, and we should try our best to stay away from that negativity. No one is perfect, so if you’re going to use Instagram for something, use it for something good and to spread positivity. 

Alina Vargas Soto is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus. She's studying Communications with a major in Journalism. Whenever she isn't studying or working, she loves to watch movies, read and write poetry, and hang-out with her friends and family. She is very passionate about music, art, history, and literature, but also loves adventure and connecting with nature. Alina will drink tea and write as well as drink coffee and go on a hike.
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