5 Reasons You Should Play Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer online game that has taken over the Internet by fire and storm. From playing it on computers to phones and tablets, this game will capture your attention and never let you go.

Initially, I saw it on Twitter and downloaded it out of curiosity. Since then, I can’t stop playing. It’s such a fun game to play, regardless of whether you're a Crewmate or the Impostor in charge of sabotaging their work and killing them one by one. Even if it came to take UNOs place in breaking friendships up, everyone should play it at least once, so they can experience its greatness, as I did. If you are yet to decide if it’s worth playing, here are five reasons why you should totally do it! 

  1. 1. The adrenaline

    There is nothing in this world better than getting away with killing your friends (in a video game, of course) and winning the game. Being the Impostor will get your blood pumping like nothing else. Sure, it’s a little stressful to know that if you make a wrong move, you will be reported and lose. But when you get that timing right? Uff! Completely worth it! 

    When you're a Crewmate, your adrenaline also gets sky high! You need to complete your tasks as fast as possible while making sure you don’t get murdered by your "friends."

  2. 2. Getting to know new people

    I know that you are thinking, "isn’t the point of playing the game to engage with friends?" While the answer is yes, sometimes you want to play Among Us but your friends aren't available. Since you need at least five people to play (and seven if you want to make it interesting with two Impostors running around), sometimes you get to play it with strangers. Although you don’t actually know them, getting to play with a good squad or a particularly good player is an unforgettable experience (shout out to Plankton, the best Impostor ever!).

  3. 3. The interactions

    The interactions in this game are hilarious! You need to be creative, so you don’t get voted out for being the Impostor (even when you aren’t, in fact, the Impostor). So, you end up getting in confusing shenanigans that will leave you giggling for days! It’s funny how people will do and say anything to not get voted off. But hey! Nobody likes to be launched into outer space! 

  4. 4. The strategy

    Among Us is a strategic game. Whether you're the Impostor or a Crewmate, you will need to think on your feet about the best way to win. You need to keep an eye on everything that is happening and anticipate the moves of the players around you. Every move you make and the thing you say has a consequence and it can come to bite you back in the butt. So play detective and make wise choices, and if you are the Imposter, don’t get impatient. Otherwise, you will get caught. 

  5. 5. The memes

    Ever since the game gained popularity, there has been a lot of meme-making! The only way to understand them is by playing it. Let me tell you, nobody wants to be left out of a good meme, and Among Us’s ones are so good! Start playing, so that you can laugh about them and make your own!

Playing Among Us is super fun! So, go to the App Store or Google Play and download it right now. I hope the system smiles at you and you get to be the Impostor in every round!