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As a reader and series binge-watcher, I’m in a lot of fandoms, and as a good fanatic that lives and breathes content, I have reached the point where I have run out of fanfics to read. 

You see, fanfictions are the best thing created since sliced bread. They let you be part of the fandom world in ways that nothing else can. Some people don’t like the idea of reading something that was not published by a publishing house, but they  don’t know what they are missing. Fanfictions are the best, and here are the reasons why: 

1. They fill the void

When you finish a book or a series, you feel empty most of the time. Sure, it’s gratifying, but you feel the need for more; you are left wondering “What do I do with my life now?”. Every fan searches for a way to get more content: rewatching or rereading, making fanart or fanfictions. The good thing about fanfics is that they are never ending.

 Have you read every single one on that ship? Search for another! They help you fill the void and distract yourself until the next book or season is out!

2. Make your own canon 

In the fanfiction world, everything is possible. You did not appreciate  that the writer did your favorite character dirty or killed them off? Make a fanfiction and change it! You watched that series, but your favorite ship didn’t end up together? Well, now they can.

 Fanfictions are where your dreams come true, where you get to read and write what you want. You can create alternate universes, like a Soulmate Alternate Universe (AU) one, and add the characters that you love into different situations; include Original Characters (OC’s) or even yourself in  them. There are no limits for creativity! 

3. Be a writer 

You want to be a writer? Writing fanfictions can help you practice! A big part of writing is creating a world filled with new characters. Practice by studying those that you already know and change their story. You can also create a whole new universe for them or modify some of their aspects.These techniques can help you improve your writing skills and define your own style. 

4. Free content 

All of the best things in life are free and fanfics are no exception. We live in a capitalist world where you must pay for the content you want. Luckily, fanfictions don’t work that way. You can get a lot of content from your favorite fandoms for free! Imagine reading about your favorite ship living as  soulmates for free? Doesn’t it make you happy? Places like FanFiction, Archives of Our Own or Wattpad give you free access to all of it.

5. Connect with other people 


the last one physcially hurts meib: @king.cloudy #fanfiction #ooc #fanfic

♬ original sound – 👑K.C.☁️

As both writer and reader, you get to contact other fans, you can comment to each other on their work and speak about what you like about the show. Give some love to the writers or get some love for the readers. Even if you don’t contact each other, you trust them with content or help update theirs.  In some cases, talented fans make art for fanfiction writers! You create community through these exchanges 

Fanfictions are everything, they let you have a lot of fun with the fandoms that you love. They also help keep fandoms alive, because even if the series or book is over, the fanfictions are always there to have your back.

Alana is currently in her fifth year, studying Comparative Literature in the UPR Río Piedras Campus. She loves books, superheroes and mythology. Will sing any song that she knows (even if she can't sing to save her life) and is always tired. She dreams with someday writing a book.