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5 Reasons to Stay Positive Even Though You’re Not Graduating With Your Friends

How many times have you felt like you’re competing to see who’s graduating first among your friends, classmates, or even family members? At least once in your life, you’ve probably felt rushed, against the clock, or like the world was going to end if you hadn’t graduated by your fourth year of college.

Anything that’s meant to be, will be waiting for you whenever you are ready. If you’re not convinced, I’ll give you five reasons to stay positive and motivated enough during these last years of the undergrad life, and enjoy the road even if you’re not graduating with your mates:

More time to define what you want to do

You’d be surprised by how much you’ve changed, your way of seeing the world and your goals, from the time you started college until now. Well, that timelapse is what helped you define what you want to do in your career and how to take advantage of your knowledge and skills. You get to meet people and live through experiences that will inspire you on the path you ultimately choose. A little bit more time spent doing that doesn’t sound too bad.

 Exposure to opportunities

There are many scholarships, internships and organizations you can only apply to or join if you’re a student. By extending that Bachelor’s Degree for a year or two, you’re opening that door! Remember that when you’re done with college, you must confront the real-world reality that is looking for a job. Volunteering may also help you with your job search. In my case, if I had graduated last May, I wouldn’t have been able to write this article, run a student organization, or apply to some educational aids that have helped me save up for graduate studies.

Class discussions with your professors

Believe it or not, after graduating, you’ll miss all those meetings with professors where you discussed important social topics. Discussing something that affects people and analyzing it with your mentors is priceless. A few days ago, I was thinking about what my sophomore year professor of Intercultural Communication thought of George Floyd's painful and unfair death, or what my International Relations professor thinks about the latest disruptive relations between the United States and China. I miss those courses and educators, and I’ll miss them most when it’s time to go.

Become part of the change

Have you ever asked yourself how your school "improves" after you graduate? It would always make me laugh when I was younger, but now, I actually want to leave something behind that will be useful for others. For example, you can join the student body at your college to participate in making beneficial decisions that many future students will enjoy when they join your department.


Oh, why do I feel you’re laughing at this one? Students receive discounts for food, music apps, books, clothes, memberships, and so much more. Even if it’s just a dollar less, you still get excited about it and feel like you’re part of a special group within society. Discounts certainly represent savings you may not realize were there. Do the math!

This is a positive perspective for students who believe everything’s going to change from now on, for the worst, because they do not have their closest friends at college anymore; or they see how everyone is "growing up" without them and they feel like they’re being left behind or are missing out. Things may change, but make the most out of it! Enjoy those last years, and please have fun. When you look back at these moments, you can see how fast time goes by. Don’t let the rush consume you and just enjoy the journey!

Journalism and Political Science student at Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Currently, practicing photography, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), UPR-RP chapter and journalist for Latitud 801 and Diálogo UPR. Mother Earth's friend. ?
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