5 Natural Hair Updos for the Holidays

The intensity of the cold can be super harsh on those of us with kinky, coily, and curly hair, so it's important that we keep it moisturized, and keep manipulation down to a minimum.

A protective style is anything that tucks the ends of your hair, puts minimal stress on your edges and serves as a complement to a healthy natural hair regimen. Protective styling for these

specific textures facilitate length retention and reduce knots and breakage by protecting the hair shaft.

Family gatherings and food are all things that don't require too much thought. However, slaying those family photos presents us naturalistas with a dilemma: what do we do with our hair?!

Searching for a way to spice up your holiday look while maintaining a low manipulation style?


Check out the following 5 natural hair updos that are just too cute not to try!


Hair supplies needed: bobby pins, hair ties, gel, and a soft-bristled brush.



2 Braid Crown

Part your hair down the middle, starting at your forehead and ending once you reach the nape of your neck. Begin to braid a single side of your head, and remember to stay

as close to your hairline as you plait your hair to your scalp. Once you’ve made it to the nape of your neck, finish this section with a free hanging braid. After you repeat this process on the second

section of hair, use bobby pins to tuck and pin each of the free hanging braids into the hair of the opposite side.


The Janelle Monae


This next protective style also requires you to split your mane into two sections. With patience, tuck and roll your hair from the top section starting from one ear, and following the hairline until you

reach the opposite ear. Also, add bobby pins for security as you go. The bottom portion of your hair should be gathered in smaller portions, this time being rolled away from the nape of your neck.

Remember to use bobby pins for security along the way.



The Flapper


This next style turns out super chic on freshly stretched hair. Part your tresses down the middle, but this time from ear to ear. Gather the bottom section in your hand, using gel to smooth down

the edges, and create a simple ponytail. Depending on the length of your locks, you may opt to create a small bun by simply using a ponytail holder, or achieve this look with the help of bobby pins.

Taking little pieces of the bottom section at a time, stretch, roll and tuck these piece of hair and secure them with pins. As for the top section, divide the hair into two mini sections and create a loose

2-strand twist. Start from the end of the twist, by rolling and tucking this section just above your forehead while using bobby pins to secure its placement. Feel free to play around with its position, and

perhaps add jewels for pizazz.


The Twisted Fro-hawk

Divide your locks into four horizontal sections, and make a ponytail out of each. Next, 2-strand twist each ponytail. The next few steps are just suggestions because you can arrange these twists as you like.

Take the ends of the twist at the very top of your head, and use a bobby pin to place it where the second ponytail begins. Next, take the ends of the second twist and do the same, this time where the first

ponytail begins. Repeat these steps with the third and fourth twists.



The Basket-Bun

Gather your mighty mane and use a brush to style your hair upward, adding gel as necessary for a sleek look. The goal is to sweep your hair up to the top of your head to create a puff. Instead of using a

ponytail holder to create your bun, I would recommend cutting the legs/feet off of pantyhose for flexible material. After using the pantyhose to make your puff, stretch, tuck and roll small sections of hair

outward to cover the pantyhose, securing each portion with a bobby pin. Repeat this in a circular motion until you run out of loose hair, and voila!


Whether you are newly natural, transitioning or a veteran naturalista, these styles are great to experiment with during the holiday season.



Photos by Julia Taveras Lopez