5 Easy Glam Holiday Makeup Looks

Between holiday shopping, party planning, AND homework, time is of the essence this season. But, that shouldn’t stop you from looking glam af this Christmas!


Cranberry Sauce

Feeling like skipping the red lip but still wanna feel festive? Try a cranberry or burgundy eye! I blended a warm brown shade in the crease as a base and packed on a metallic cranberry shade that looks as vibrant as you want it to be. To up the intensity, simply spray your eyeshadow brush with setting spray and then dip it into the shadow. Finished with the perfect wing and defined brow set with pomade. The lip paired with this look is a defined nude shade that is super comfortable to wear, so perfect for a low maintenance lip.


All That Glitters

This is for those ladies that wanna go sultry but not over the top. To balance out the matte purple/brown shade, I went with a smoked out brown in the crease and topped it with a bright gold shadow. You can use different shades of gold. For this look, I combined a neutral gold towards the outer corner and popped a bright yellow gold in the center of the lid! Since this look is all about the lips, I kept the eyes blended out as well as the brows nice and laid back. Pair with a champagne highlighter and done!


Rust or Bust

A fabulous trend is the monochrome look. I call this a very intermediate feel because the brows are fluffed up but still have definition in the arch, the eyeliner is slightly blended, and the highlighter is a peachy shade with a rose gold sheen. I went with a warm brick brown shade in the crease and popped a beautiful metallic copper shade on the lid. Paired with a rusty red lipstick that’s creamy but not glossy or matte, this is a look for any occasion!


Back to Basics Without Being Basic

Here’s a classic holiday look fit for the modern woman. Matte eyeshadow defining crease, eyebrows with arches worth climbing, and a cat eye so sharp it could kill a man. Of course, who could ever forget the luscious red lip? The cherry on top of this look (and no, it’s not the cherry lip) is the molten gold cream highlighter on every high point of the face imaginable. Buffed to perfection and catches the light like a dream.


Screw balance. Shine so bright, people are blinded.

Shine bright like a diamond and rock that metallic lipstick! I used the same matte base and defined crease as the previous look but applied the rose gold highlighter on my lids and highpoints of the face. Throw on some winged liner, arched brows, and you're out the door!