5 Christmas Survival Tips: Dealing with the Family in Holiday Parties

Even though we might not all have someone to kiss under the mistletoe during these holidays, there’s no doubt Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. From the delicious holiday banquets to the much-needed vacation time, Christmas has innumerable perks. Nevertheless, the Christmas season is accompanied with certain despicable elements. While the stress of holiday gift shopping can be an unbearable burden, nothing is worse than having to engage in awkward, small talk conversations with both close and distantly related family members. Here are a few useful pieces of advice that will get you through that kind-of-boring family party—no matter how bad it is.


1. Ignore the Weight Watchers

Some people are definitely not worth your time. Giving the continuous lecture of why body-shaming is not (and will never be) okay can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Spend your energy on matters far more important than the over-intrusive, weight-related comments of your family members. Listen to them, and if it gets to you, leave the conversation. You don’t need to give explanations to anyone other than yourself.


2. Make Them Feel the Awkwardness for Asking if You’re Single

I don’t understand WHY some family members that haven’t seen me in over a year can come up with only one single question: “Are you still single?” The question about one’s current relationship status is extremely annoying, especially when you don’t even like that person. The best you can do is make them feel awkward because it’s a socially uncomfortable question to answer. Say something like, “Thanks for reminding me that I’m going to die alone.” They’ll get the message (hopefully). You’re welcome.


3. Try to Get Away from the Typical “How Are You Doing in School” Question

This a notably broad question with an open-ended answer, so use this to your advantage. Respond with an ambiguous answer like “I’ve been studying,” and change the topic into something happening in the party that day. For example, comment on the drinks, and go ahead and take one. You might be able to escape the conversation.


4. Don’t Tell Them Your Plans After You Graduate

Personal goals are not meant to be shared with everyone. This is especially true if the people you are sharing them with will criticize and break them down. You should protect your future plans from dream snatchers or unpaid commenters, majoring in gossip studies. Be mindful of who you’re talking to when responding to that question. If you don’t really trust that person, say that you’re focusing on your present and on your day-to-day responsibilities.


5. Be Honest: The Decision of Having or Not Children is Personal

Deciding to have children or not is a deeply personal matter, which should not be something to joke or insist about. If a family member insists, or if he or she asks the same question EVERY year, don’t be afraid, to be honest. Tell your relative that you would like to skip that question and talk about something else.


Try not to let your family members ruin your holidays. They will always comment. If you don’t want to waste your time, ignore what they say. If you feel uncomfortable because of their comments, make them feel awkward. If you don’t want to answer, avoid the question or just be honest. Dealing with the family in holiday parties is, undoubtedly, a hard task to accomplish, but you will get through it.


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