5 “Around the World” Most Beautiful Places in Spring

Did you ever want to try something new? Do you ever want to do something out of the ordinary and explore new horizons? Spring is the perfect season to travel and see the many wonders that Mother Nature has in store for us all over planet Earth.

Among these beautiful places, here are five of them that have to be a must:

1. Flevoland, Netherlands

A stroll amongst gorgeous colorful tulips is surely an enchanting view when traveling to Flevoland, Netherlands. Tulip season comes every spring, and in May they celebrate Tulip Festival. Flevoland is Netherland’s “biggest flower-growing regions” and it’s definitely a great place to visit. Apart from Flevoland, there’s also a tulip festival in Holland, Michigan as in commemoration towards Holland’s traditions in the Spring.


2. Okinawa, Japan

Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Springtime really blooms here. Okinawa is a tropical island in Japan where cherry blossoms are seen in this special season. Just imagine walking through that bridge in that scenery… What is more romantic than that?


3. Klevan, Ukraine

If your heart yearns for a  mysterious yet marvelous view, you have to visit a green train tunnel that has long existed since the Cold War in the 20th century. “The Tunnel of Love” is found in a small western town known as Klevan, Ukraine where lots of tourists (especially couples) come to visit to see the wonders that this tree tunnel brings. According to the seasons, the train tunnel changes its color from green, to orange, to white, and can leave any person in a state of awe.


4. Boundary Range, Alaska

To those who thought that Alaska is constantly covered in snow, here’s the proof that it’s not! Boundary Range, Alaska is composed of Alaska’s Coast Mountains that run the border between British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska, U.S.A. Gorgeous flowers bloom near the snow-covered mountains and it’s definitely an enchanting view.


5. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, California

California prepares itself to receive the dazzling poppies through the South Loop Trail, Tehachapi Vista Point, and the Poppy Trail North Loop in spring! It’s a great place to explore the countryside, stroll through the rolling hills, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery with wildlife all around you.

Spring is definitely one of the most awaited seasons each year due to its beautiful wonders around the globe. Mother Nature surely does know how to outdo herself! All in all, if you still don’t know where to travel this year, why not try one of these five destinations? It might just be the most outstanding experience in your life.