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3 Music YouTube Channels to Help Relieve Stress

There are always days when you need to lie down or take your time to break away from everything you have to do in your busy life of work and studies. Sometimes, music is the key to be able to submerge yourself in the world of instruments and creativity to de-stress your mind and body.

Here are three YouTube channels that I recommend to anyone who is looking for amazing, inspiring, and relaxing music that makes you step into a completely  different world:


1. Yellow Brick Cinema

Yellow Brick Cinema has a huge variety of relaxing music including acoustic guitar instrumentals, Zen music, sleep music, etc., along with beautiful nature visuals to help your mind be taken off of the problematic thoughts in your everyday life. The majority of the videos offer a compilation of various songs in different categories which can give you hours of a relaxing experience.


2. HD Sound Di

HD Sound Di’s relatively short videos (some as short as 2 minutes and as long as 16 minutes) consist of breathtakingly animated drawings with unique compositions from different composers and songwriters who are dedicated to making epic, emotional, and beautiful music. The songs vary from softer to stronger sounds or just beautiful orchestral arrangements for relaxing purposes.   


3. Epic Music World

The name Epic Music World says it all. The channel is all about grand masterpieces from different artists. These works include powerful, emotional Celtic and battle music along with animated visuals and drawings. The short videos only last the duration of a single song. However, there are also compilation videos which are longer and have varied artists. Sometimes the YouTube channel offers “live streaming” of new music that adds up to their channel and it’s a wonderful experience to hear all the wonderful music be put on live. Aside from that, there are musical pieces where the main instrument is the piano and, personally, that’s one of the most relaxing instruments I suggest to hear when you’re having a stressful day.


Certainly, there are many other YouTube channels and applications where relaxing compositions are offered for a very stressful day, but I have to say that the ones mentioned before are the top three choices in my list. Whether it’s reading a book, writing a paper, studying for a test, or working on a project, music is medicine to the soul and to the muse that inspires the creativity.



Picture Credits: YouTube (Yellow Brick Cinema, HD Sound Di, and Epic Music World channels)

Aimar B. Galarza is an undergraduate English Literature student in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus aspiring to become a future editor. She has a passion for anything to do with books, film, writing, music, and acting. She enjoys playing the piano and guitar and has also participated in various musicals as a dancer, singer, and actress, one of them being "Homeroom the Musical" which was presented in Ponce, Puerto Rico and later on presented in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Last but not least, she's also a voice actress on YouTube (AimyAngel) who's collaborated in fan dubs, audiobooks, and animated episodes.
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