25 Things You Can Buy Instead of Kylie's Brush Set

On Friday, December 8th, Kylie Jenner once again surprised the world with a long-awaited makeup reveal. Turns out Kylie Cosmetics is delving into the world of solid lipsticks, concealers, and brushes. If you know makeup, especially more than me, you know that these bad boys can retail for some money. Therefore, we always wait for that next sale or holiday offer to indulge ourselves with buying a brush set from our favorite brands.

Well, if you liked Kylie lip kits apparently you can indulge in this too. But wait! There’s more! The entire 16-brush Silver Series Collection actually retails for $360. Yes, you read that right. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS. The HC UPR-RP team was pretty shooketh when knowing about this, and we came up with various things you could do or buy with $360 that doesn't include buying Kylie’s brush set:

  1. You can do like Mila Kunis and donate that money in Mike Pence’s name to Planned Parenthood.

  2. Pay off your monthly car payment.

  3. Pay 3 year’s worth of Spotify Premium.

  4. Afford 2 round-trip airline tickets from San Juan to almost anywhere on the East Coast.

  5. Get a park-hopper ticket for Walt Disney World.

  6. Buy all of the books! Especially the ones on this list.

  7. Afford Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments’ box sets.

  8. Go see a Broadway show!

  9. Probably pay your phone bill.

  10. Skydive and still have money left for ziplining.

  11. Buy a lot of makeup that is more affordable (for example NYX makeup).

  12. Order a lot of things on Wish (yes, the amazing app).

  13. Buy Fenty Beauty products.

  14. Think of all the cute things you can buy your pet (that Santa costume for your puppy would be amazing)!

  15. Ride the Tren Urbano...240 times.

  16. Pay for a gym membership that...you’ll probably never use.

  17. Buy 52 meals for the homeless this holiday season.

  18. You can buy every single Marvel movie on DVD.

  19. Pay Netflix...for a while anyway.

  20. Talking about makeup: you can buy Morphe brushes.

  21. Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi a couple of times.

  22. Get a pair of Louboutin heels.

  23. Feast at Lote 23.

  24. Buy all of the pizza

  25. Cooperate with all those foundations that fast foods ask you to give money to. (Yes Wendy’s, I’ll give you an extra dollar ).


This list may seem ridiculous, petty, or even funny, but that’s exactly the point. There are far better and affordable brushes than Kylie’s 16-brush collection. These holidays, instead of spending $360 on brushes maybe we can think about spending them in better, more fun, and more durable things. But, if you really want them...maybe get them one at a time. Some of them do retail as low as $16 individually.