The 2019 Oscar Nominations

Film’s biggest night is just around the corner, and with that comes the nominees that will be honored on Sunday, February 24th.

This year’s nominations have been followed by a lot of controversy due to the results of the Golden Globes. In fact, the Oscars have already been surrounded by controversy due to the entire Kevin Hart situation which led to them taking the decision to have the ceremony without a host. Basically a lot has been going on, and the Oscars are still four weeks away. Anyways, controversy aside, let’s celebrate all of the films and the people that worked hard for these accomplishments.

The most nominated films of this year were Roma and The Favourite, with 10 nominations each including Best Picture. Roma made history by being the first Foreign Language Film to be nominated in that category as well as Best Picture and many other categories, as well as a Best Director nomination for Alfonso Cuaron. This is a historic moment for Mexican cinema since Roma has been one of the best films they have released in recent years.

Probably the biggest surprise was the fact that Black Panther, yes Black Panther, was nominated for Best Picture. It was also nominated seven times. It is the first Marvel and the first superhero movie in general, to ever receive a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars. While I’m happy that it’s nominated since it demonstrated that the Academy is broadening their horizons and recognizing films outside of the bubble: drama and comedy. Or maybe they are just doing it to have a good image in the eyes of the public. Well, they didn’t nominate Toni Colette, so I’m still salty with the Oscars.

I am thrilled beyond measure that both BlaKkKlansman and A Star Is Born both received Best Picture nominations since those two are unbelievable movies.

Green Book and Vice roundup the Best Picture category.

Spiderman: Into The SpiderVerse was nominated for Best Animated Film and I will riot if it doesn’t win. In terms of the acting categories, there weren’t any surprises, pretty much everyone that was expected to get nominated got nominated. Just give Rami Malek the Best Actor Oscar: it’s what the people want.

This year’s nominations were definitely unexpected, but welcome, and let’s remember that just because a film didn’t make it into the list doesn’t mean it’s bad. Not every Oscar nominated film is good, as well as not every film that isn’t nominated for an Oscar is bad. Just keep an open mind and perhaps see a film that you wouldn’t have normally seen.

Check out the full list of nominations here.

Let’s see how it all goes down on February 24th.

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