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The 1920s was a decade of great change for women. The battle for women’s right to vote was won when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guaranteed it. From flapper girls to androgyny, the 1920s represented freedom and independence for women. Women were able to get a better education, join the workforce and be much more creative with fashion which let them express who they were. Some iconic pieces of fashion, that we still wear today, were the cocoon fur coat and fringe wraps.

The most recognizable symbol of the 1920s is the flapper. Flappers were young women who enjoyed their newly given freedom. Their short hair, shorter skirts, cigarettes, sexiness, attitude, and independence were offensive to men, causing debate over the issue. But women fought to be able to stay true to themselves and their greatest achievement in the ’20s was learning to value their individuality. A major part of this was fashion.

This era came with an explosion of creativity and innovative ideas for fashion. Fashion in the 1920s was mostly about simple lines and androgynous shapes, like a dropped waist on dresses. Although eveningwear was more glamorous, it had beadwork and sequins. Some basic and iconic elements of women’s fashion in the 1920s were coats and fringe wraps. Coats usually had a curved, cocoon-like shape with a big fur collar that kept them warm during the cold, winter weather. These coats were simple, they closed with a center button, wrapped over to the right and had little embellishments. Summer coats were made of lighter fabric like wool with a fabric belt and cut just at the knee. In spring a cape could also be worn but in the daytime, it was a symbol of elegance and wealth. The upper classes could also choose to have real fur on their coats like raccoon or fox fur. While middle classes could choose cheaper fur from squirrels or dyed rabbit fur, for example.

An alternative for coats during warmer seasons was any type of fringe wrap. These were usually worn over sleeveless dresses. They had long fringe and intricate embroidery. Whether it was a jacket, shawl or scarf, fringe made it more elegant to wear for the evening. There were kimonos which had fringe hanging from sleeves and hem usually made of silk. There were also longer and much bigger kimonos that were made from light velvet and had beautiful hand-painted designs. For the day, women wore more scarves which were more practical. Scarves were made of cotton, soft wool or silk with beautiful painted designs. They were wrapped with one side over the shoulder or straight down secured by a belt (also used as a belt itself).

Although women still faced barriers due to their gender, in the 1920s fashion was a major part of how they found themselves. Maybe it was as simple as wearing a shorter dress or as drastic as wearing a tailored suit for work, but they had the opportunity to choose. Fashion didn’t fit a mold in the “Roaring ‘20s” and that’s why it’s still relevant today, it was simply used to celebrate women.


Cocoon Furs



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Though we’re def not advocating for the use of fur in 2019, there are plenty of faux fur options out there that will satisfy your fur fashion craving. Honestly, there are so many ways to style these. If you invest in a good coat in a neutral color like black, white, or gray, they’re easy to pair with almost anything. You can throw a coat on top of pleated pants and a silky top. You can wear it with a summery dress or a formal fitted dress. If you’re going for a very bougie look, just throw it over some jeans and a tee and wear some heeled booties. If you have the confidence to rock them, you’ll pull it off!


Fringe Wraps



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These style pieces are reminiscent of the evergreen flapper girl dress. Fringes have been in and out of style for a while now, but they’re always associated with a bohemian or more sultry look. But! Some fringes are even vaguely cow wrangler-esque! A fringe wrap is a kind of like a shawl so it’s perfect to go over any beaded dresses, simple dresses, or any outfit that begs to get a boost. A perfect way to style this is to get a brightly colored fringe wrap (especially a silver one!) and layer it over a dress. The dress would ideally be a high square neck and in a dark color, so the fringe wrap pops!


Be daring and try these 20’s fashion trends ASAP! You’ll look like a fashionista. If you do try furs or fringe wraps, hit us up!

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