15 Signs You Need to Switch Majors

Admit it. Some, if not most, of us are totally clueless our first year of college. Upon admittance, we declare a major we think we might like, a major our parents are forcing us to choose, a major that will eventually secure you employment, or maybe you chose a major that all your high school friends were choosing. Now you're stuck somewhere that doesn’t feel just right. If you think you may be in need of a major change, read below for some of the symptoms that determine you need a major overhaul (pun intended!). 

  1. You never understand any of the terms being spoken in class.
  2. You are always tired and never want to study. (This one does not apply if you have an attention disorder, are an athlete or have 18 credit hours or more.)
  3. The only-this-major-will-understand jokes make you sick to your stomach, meanwhile your passionate friends are laughing hysterically.
  4. When somebody asks you what your post-graduation plans are, you sink slowly into a shady depression.
  5. You're always feeling pressure to prove everyone wrong, so you feel the need to pass barely useful classes that you hate.
  6. Crying over your actual major is a day-to-day thing.
  7. You're constantly feeling frustrated with your life choices.
  8. You feel like you're studying because you have to, not because you want to.
  9. You feel vaguely like you are living somebody else’s dream.
  10. Your mind often wanders off into the department your heart yearns to be in, but gets crushed by tralizing you're supposed to be in a major where you can actually find a “real job”.
  11. You feel like you don’t fit into your major's stereotypical crowd. You are not so artsy to be humanities major or a super scientist to be a biologist major.
  12. You aren't very thorough or up-to-date on what’s going on in your major's industry, because frankly you don’t care for it
  13. Everything seems way too difficult, especially when it shouldn’t be.
  14. “Why am I even here?” is a question constantly pestering your mind.
  15. You have no idea what you’re doing… ever.

If you feel like some of these make sense to you, you may need to switch up you major! It sounds to us like you're not passionate about what you are doing. Stop being a drag and do us all a favor and change your major. Did you know it's free for first-year students? HCXO!