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13 Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween

While Halloween is primetime for binge-watching horror movies, some of us can’t really stomach the gory, the bloody, the downright horrifying scenes our friends make us watch while we hide under jackets.  Call us what you will, scaredy-cats, cowards, but we don’t care! We love the creepy stuff but just a little less….scary.

So here’s a list of not-so-scary movies (that will exclude films directed by Tim Burton because we already have an article dedicated to him!) that have a little bit of everything: haunted houses, ghosts, witches, zombies, the classics and the lesser known, you name it! 


1-Monster House (2006)- A  possessed house that hates children and a creepy old man that lives in it.  A classic.  This animated film has urban legends, romance, puberty and humor all while a house tries to eat you. What more could you want! 

2-Paranorman (2012)- A stop-motion animation film about a boy who can see the dead and is alienated by his family and neighbors.  Add a little curse, some crude humor, and a lesson about bullying, and you have a heartwarming story of a boy who just wants to be accepted for who he is.

3-Coraline (2009)-A movie based on a Neil Gaiman novel.  A girl who finds a mysterious and disturbing world with creatures who have buttons for eyes.  This movie will give you chills, and the suspense will leave you at the edge of your seat while the main character learns what true courage is when she tries to save her family.

4-Tower of Terror (1997)-You guessed it! Based on the famous thrill ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studio, this supernatural thriller stars Kirsten Dunst as she and her father try to solve the mysterious disappearance of five people-a singer, her boyfriend, a child actor, her nanny, and the bellhop, when the elevator they were taking to the 12th floor suddenly stopped at the 11th, at exactly 8:05pm, and was struck by lightning on Halloween night.  This Disney film is a little different from the rest, as it’s one of the only movies that’s based on the attraction on the theme park attraction.  


5-When Good Ghouls Go Bad (2001)- This film is not very well known by moviegoers.  It was a Fox Family film based on a book by R.L. Stine.  A town who forbids celebrating Halloween from a curse a boy who died being burned alive placed on the town, met its match when Danny Walk and his dad move in, his grandfather, Uncle Fred, is just dying to celebrate the forbidden event once more.  Zombies and curses abound and Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc from Back to the Future, is in the film.  You can find the film on Youtube!  

6-Sleepy Hollow (1999)-I know, I know.  This film? But it’s not as scary as people think.  Sure, the amount of fake blood in this film can fill a gym pool, but Johnny Depp is in it as a cowardly and charming police constable investigating the brutal deaths occurring in Sleepy Hollow, the residents believing it to be an undead mercenary who slices the heads of his victims in search of his own missing head.  Sound brutal? Not as much as you think.  

7- Hocus Pocus (1991)- A cult classic with rumors of a sequel being in the works, this film quickly became a tradition for Halloween lovers to watch and sing along when Bette Midler rocks the stage singing “I Put A Spell on You.”  The story is set in Salem, when Max Dennison lights the cursed black candle and brings the Sanderson Sisters back from the dead to steal the souls of all the children.  

8-The Rocky Horror Picture Show-(1975)Ready to do the Time Warp again? Another cult classic, I’m sure you’ve already seen a few events going around centered on this film.  It broke a lot of barriers when it first came out, and to this day die hard fans of this movie can quote the film word for word as they follow Brad and Janet to the amazing and terrifying world of Dr. Frank N. Furter and his latest creation.  This film may not be Halloween centric, but the crazy plot and outfits might as well have a hallmark all their own for this month! 

9-The Addams Family(1991)- Who doesn’t love this kooky family? Horror and disgust is the lifestyle they follow with vigor.  From the passionate romance between Gomez and Morticia to the crazy plots siblings Wednesday and Pugsley create, we adore their crazy antics and loyally watch this film and it’s sequel every year without fail. 

10-The Little Vampire (2000)- Who doesn’t love a movie about friendship between a kid and a vampire? Tony Thompson just moved to Scotland with his family.  With strange dreams, a family of vampires, and a fleet of vampire cows that haunt the night, it’s a fun ride all around! 

11-Ghostbusters (1984)- Everyone knows the theme song and everyone knows who they’re going to call when ghosts haunt their neighborhood.  With a remake on the way this movie classic is as popular as ever, and who doesn’t appreciate some Bill Murray humor to grace their screens?

12-Casper (1995)-The friendly ghost we all know and love is a must to watch during this spooky month.  Watch as Casper and his new friend Kat explore his mansion, try to stop  Carrigan Crittenden from demolishing the mansion and his three obnoxious uncles from scaring them off. 

13- Over the Garden Wall (2014)-Now, this is an exception to the movie list, because it’s a cartoon miniseries that aired no less than a year ago in Cartoon Network.  Two brothers, Greg and Wirt, are lost in the Unknown, running away from the Beast who haunts the forests trying to find souls to feed his soul with oil.  Meeting pumpkin people, musical animals, talking birds with hidden intentions, and frog people, this cartoon series has beautiful animation and a haunting soundtrack that you can’t help but watch over and over again to find more hidden secrets.  It’s a rock fact!



There are many more movies to watch on Halloween, but these can be a starter-pack for your Halloween night! Grab some candy, cozy up on your couch and enjoy! 

Gabriela Taboas majors in English Literature in the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus.  While editing articles, she also writes fictional stories, dabbles in poetry, and tries to survive the day with only one cup of coffee. She's been a Her Campus contributor since 2014 and Campus Correspondent since 2015. 
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