10 Weird Procrastination Stories

Sometimes, we just don’t want to deal with stuff… Read what some of my contacts do to avoid responsibilities.


From weird hobbies...

10. “I spend extra time pimping my car.” -José

9. “I pop my pimples and remove blackheads.” -Lola

8. “I talk with my stuffed animals.” -Marie  

To not studying...


7. “Yesterday, I prefered going to Starbucks before studying. The nearest Starbucks is half an hour drive.” -Kamiel

6. “Yesterday since 10:30 a.m. I told myself that I was going to study. I started studying at 11 p.m.” -Gisela

5. “I promised myself I was going to study nonstop and Netflix happened.” -Natalia

4. “I fell asleep every single time I opened my textbook to study.” -Cristina

3. “I had a test last Friday but I didn’t study, so I made up an excuse and the professor let me take the test today. I still haven’t studied.” -Ameli


To avoiding (or forgetting) homework...


2. “I had to interview an artisan for CISO and our professor recommended we went to talk to the ones at la SanSe because of the variety. I went. Drank some beer. Forgot all about it.” -Bob

1. “Friday, before the strike, my humanities professor told us we had to do oral presentations for next week and all I did was play video games throughout that time. On presentation day, I tried to hide but was chosen to present second. I was nervous because I had done little research, made up some stuff and at the end, I wanted to cry because I felt irresponsible. Turns out I got a perfect grade.” -Sofía Guadalupe


Procrastinating is not the best thing that has happened to humanity, but the stories that result from it sure are weirdly hilarious.


Pictures from: Pexels