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10 Things Parents Will Never Understand

Sometimes it’s pretty easy to feel distant from your parents. You might even think they’re from Mars. But for the most part, they have our best interests at heart, and we can’t get mad at them for that. Here’s to you, parents! While you might not understand us, we love you anyway. Here’s a list of ten things that parents have a really hard time grasping:

1. InstagramThey’re already on Facebook and some real go-getters have joined Twitter, but Instagram is still pretty much parent-free. So, of course, they have no idea why you’re photographing each and every meal you consume. 

2. VoicemailsThe only reason we grow up to activate our voicemail mailbox is because we’re afraid to miss important messages from potential employers. Mom, there’s no reason to leave me a message every time I miss your call that says “Hi, honey! It’s Mom, I called. You didn’t pick up. Okay. It’s Mom. Love you, Mom.” Yes, we know it’s you.

3. Smartphone appsThey decided to be hip and cool and buy a smartphone, but they don’t have the slightest idea how half of the apps work or what to do with them. Snapchat? Flappy Bird? Photo editing? Nope.

4. Social media privacy settingsThey probably have about 25 Facebook friends, the profile picture they uploaded when the account was first created and a timeline chock-full of game invitations. 


5. TwitterParents don’t tweet, they twitter. They spread out messages across various tweets because they can’t seem to summarize them in 140 characters. And why do other people’s messages appear so fast? This is frustrating. I don’t get it.

6. Ripped jeansWhy would you spend money on jeans that look ripped, old and raggedy? Or did you fall in them? OH MY GOD ARE YOU HURT?

7. Why we want to move out so badly.Rules are a bust, but there’s free food, free laundry, free rent, free TV, free internet… So why do you want to move out?

8. Eye-rollsWe love parents even when they nag us endlessly. Let us assure you that we’re listening to what you’re saying even if we roll our eyes at you (we promise it’s not always on purpose!).

9. Breaking curfewThey’ll never care about how all your friends were still there when you left, how everybody who was anybody attended, how you stopped for a quick bite to eat and the servers took forever bringing out your food… You were still late getting home!

10. How much we love them!Regardless of how much they don’t understand, we understand how much they love us. And we love them back just as much!


Alejandra Camille Ortiz is a twenty-year-old young woman double-majoring in Advertising and Marketing at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She is a contributing writer for HerCampus.com.Alejandra is a social media buff that likes to keep herself up-to-date with all the new stuff on the internet. She doesn't have many worries aside from the feeling that life flying by far too fast for her taste. Her friends say she has constant nerd tendencies, is a multitasker from birth and is the go-to girl for problems that need solving.You can contact her by writing an email to alejandraortiz@hercampus.com.HCXO!
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