10 Signs You're A Maturing Twentysomething


1. You're more comfortable with yourself:

As you age, you become less reluctant to change who you are. You are now more confident about being yourself and you are well aware that some people will like you and others won't. But, you can handle it...

2. You enjoy spending time with your family:

More often than going out with your friends, you enthusiastically enjoy spending time with your parentals. You can't quite pinpoint when this happened, but the transformation of your parents happened somewhere along the way. At various points in life, we looked at our parents in many different ways...this time they switched from annoying to cool. Definitely, this is a big sign that you are maturing...

3. Tired of being tired in the morning:

This sluggish state never gets old, but you certainly do. Getting out of bed in the morning will seem like the hardest thing you have ever done...


4. Your friends' younger siblings are now freshman in college:

Remember when you used to do some babysitting with your friends to watch their siblings? Newsflash, that's not going to happen anymore because they are all grown-up now.

5. You have to work, work, work more than play:

This sure happened. Now, you have more responsibilities and as a young adult, you need to get your things together because you are building up your future.  

6. You are not afraid of being sorry:

As you grow older, you realize that it's okay to not be right all the time. Saying sorry when you screw up won't be a problem. Now that you have more wisdom, you sure know that you can't always be right. 

7. You are more willing to wait:

More mature people are way more patient; have you experienced this first-hand? If you have, then this is a sign that you are growing up. 

8. You aren't hungover on the weekends:

As a mature twentysomething, you don't feel the pressure to go out every single weekend. So now, drinking becomes less important in your life. You acknowledge the fact that you have to wake up early in the morning, and you know that if you drink the night before, the next day is going to be a bad, bad day.

9. You recognize the need for a budget:

No more random weekend getaways with your buddies. Your parents still help you out a little, but the fact that you recognize the importance of being on a budget, makes you an aging twentysomething. 

10. You are okay with being alone:

Yes, this sure happens. You learn to appreciate solitude. Don't you just love being so mature?

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