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This three-year-old South Korean boy group will take Puerto Rico by storm on June 23, and here at Her Campus, we’ll show you why it’s a great choice to attend their concert.


1. Their songs will pump you up wherever you are.

Let’s be honest, they have a song for every occasion. “So, Dangerous” will make you jump and rock out with your broom while you clean the house. “Catch Me!” is a perfect song to play either when you’re having a sleepover with friends or cruising around. Also, if you’re having a bad day, listening to “Tonight”; it will make everything better.


2. Visuals, visuals everywhere

Just look at those visuals! It’s safe to say that these guys will have you drooling over them at some point because their beauty is too much to handle. They are illegally handsome.


3. Their top-notch choreographies

Have you seen their debut “So, Dangerous”? Let’s talk about how that’s such a beast choreography for such a new group. Their energy and moves are constant in their other choreographies. Great songs that also prove they have the best choreographies are: “Attention,” “Going Crazy,” “Target On” and their latest release, “Candyland.”


4. Their personalities

They always remain humble no matter how popular they get. They are also respectful of their fandom and staff, making it easier to love them.


5. They are REALLY goofy.

One of their strong points is their cuteness and sense of humor. Just look at them! They are a group full of energy and charisma that will light up your day.


6. Their hard work

After TOP Medias’s announcement about Wooshin’s hiatus in June, the group kept working on their release as nine members with the single “Runner”–part of their sixth mini album STAR;DOM. They endured everything together until his comeback last March.


7. Their love for HONEY10 (UP10TION’s Fandom Name)

They’re active on their social media and they communicate with fans, finding the time to read their letters in the group’s Fan Cafe despite their busy schedule. Also, they love to give back to the fans like they did on their fan signing on Geondae giving roses to HONEY10 on Rose Day. While meeting fans, you can truly see how excited they are.


8. Their Friendship

Their bond goes way beyond a contract. They’re always there for each other. An example of this is when Sunyoul collaborated with Yuju (GFRIEND) for the song Cherish, four members went to their stage with banners and yelled out fan chants along with the fans!


9. They are known internationally.

After debuting in South Korea and China simultaneously in 2015, they extended to Japan last year. They also played in one of the biggest stages for USA fans, at KCON New York. In the upcoming months, they will headline their first US Meet & Live Tour “Candyland.”


10. They have their own series

Zany TV in collaboration with Soompi released a mini-series called “UP10TION, Please!” In this series, you can meet the members more in-depth and watch all of their craziness in just 17 minutes. All of the episodes are available on Zany TV’s youtube account.



You can buy tickets for their upcoming tour in Ticketerapr.com. Price ranges from $69.00 to $159.00 plus additional fees.


Now go give UP10TION some love!



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