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10 Most Powerful and Diverse Women on TV

With the pass of the Emmy’s, another year in TV series has been recognized. While diversity has gained attention, there is still left to do. Many took the spotlight to raise awareness of the lack of diversity in TV. One of those people was the amazing Viola Davis.

Viola Davis won in the Best Woman in TV Drama, commemorating the first African American to win in this category. She expressed the importance of having black women in TV series but also thanked the previous women that helped mark the path for African American Women.

Also, with the pass of Hispanic Recognition month, we recognize the lack of non-stereotypic Hispanic women in TV.  Lack of diversity, is a problem that sometimes we tend to ignore. Instead of just accepting we should demand more diversity and acknowledge the woman who strived in this market.

Disclamer: They are not in a specific order because they are all awesome and should all deserve the best attention.


1- Annalise Keating- How to get Away with Murder

Who else should we start with but with the one who won an Emmy? Annalise Keating is our motivation to rock the court or at least the college halls. She is not just a badass lawyer but also a powerful woman who shows that we can be strong and show emotion. Maybe her tactics are not very ethical, but we all have to admit that she gets the job done.


2- Sophia Burset- Orange Is The New Black

Sophia is not just one of the most flawless woman in Orange is the New Black, but she is an inspiration for many transgenders. Also, who can beat that hair? Teach us your ways, master.


3- Mindy Lahiri- The Mindy Project

Mindy is the role model for all those awkward and sarcastic girls out there. She is not afraid to be herself and be proud of her heritage. Also the actress that portrays her, Mindy Kaling, is the first woman of color to create and start in her own tv show.  How can she be more amazing?


4- Cookie Lyon- Empire

Cookie is the woman we all are envious of in secret. She speaks her mind and does not shut up for anyone. Her attitude is the one we so many times want to reflect. A strong family woman with an equal strong opinion. Also, who can rock that leopard print better that Cookie Lyon?


5- Nikita Mears- Nikita

First, Nikita is an agent. How amazing is that? But, she also fights against crime. She is a badass superhero that plans to take down CIA Division, while looking great.


6- Regina Mills/Evil Queen- Once Upon a Time

She may be the evil queen but Regina has showed us how people can change. She does not let her past define her. Regina has lost the love of her life and her mother and has a reputation that follows her. But who cares what people say when you know you who you really are? Besides, it can be fun to feared.


7- Olivia Pope- Scandal

The gladiator in a designer suit. What hasn’t Olivia done? Helped the president, foreign diplomats, athletes, etc. She is not only our fashion inspiration for work but she is our confidence goal. She knows she’s good, what she’s worth, and that no one should mess with her.




8- Gloria Delgado-Pritchett- Modern Family

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett is one the most proud Latina women in TV series. Maybe she does not have the best pronunciation but she doesn’t let all the jokes get to her. She’s proud of her heritage and makes it part of her life. Also, who screams better than her?




9- Jane Villanueva- Jane the Virgin

Jane Villanueva is one of those people that everyone loves. She is dedicated, kind, and cares about other people.  TV usually portrays Latino women as maids, and only a few are protagonists. Jane shows the un-stereotypical Latina woman who are strong, passionate and hardworking.

10- Cristina Yang- Grey’s Anatomy

Even though we are still mourning her departure, we can’t forget Christina Yang. The most direct yet honest surgeon in Greys Anatomy. She was a badass in surgery and our role model of the resting bitch face. We will miss you. 

Veronica is currently a student in the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus. She is double majoring in Accounting and Political Science. Veronica loves to read, cook, travel and learn about new cultures.
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