10 COVID-Friendly Date Ideas

Because COVID-19 is still running rampant on the Island, the reality is that not every activity we’d like to do with our SOs is feasible in terms of social distancing. For this reason, we’ve had no choice but to adapt to our circumstances and make the most with what we can. This means that we have to get creative with our date ideas. Nevertheless, it’s time for us to heed the age-old adage: the show must go on!

Here’s a few COVID-friendly activities you and your partner can enjoy together:

  1. 1. Go to the beach

    As of today, visiting the beach complies with the latest executive order signed by Puerto Rico’s governor—-as long as you keep your distance from one another and wear masks when you’re lounging outside of the water. This means that you can feel free to visit your favorite beach alongside your partner as long as you take these rules into consideration. All restrictions aside, you can plan a lovely picnic by the seaside (for a more romantic twist, bring the wine and chocolates), soak in the sun, play paddleball, chat about whatever strikes your fancy, or simply spend some time splashing around. Just don’t forget to check the weather and pack a generous supply of sunscreen beforehand!

  2. 2. Visit a drive-in theater

    two women sitting on a car

    I think we can all agree that the cons of the pandemic far outweigh the pros. However, if there’s a nice and innovative consequence of the virus, it definitely has to be the rise in popularity of drive-in theaters. Thankfully, a couple of them have opened in Puerto Rico since the whole pandemic started. If you live in the metropolitan area, I suggest you try out the Drive-In Cinema at the Mall of San Juan or the Caribbean Cinemas Drive-In at the T-Mobile District. If you live closer to the countryside or if you just feel like taking a roadtrip, you and your partner can carpool to the Auto Cine Santana in Arecibo. Sidenote: remember to bring your portable folding chairs so you can enjoy the nighttime breeze instead of the heat and humidity of your car.

  3. 3. Plan a picnic

    charcuterie board with fruit and cheese

    If you and your date are feeling romantic, but don’t want to expose yourselves too much by going to a sit-down restaurant, you can always organize a picnic at your favorite park or outdoorsy site. You can either cook the meals from scratch potluck-style or stop at your favorite drive-thru and grab meals for you and your SO. The main idea here is for you to enjoy being outside along with your partner, and have a nice meal together. Nevertheless, before the big picnic date, make sure that the site you’re planning on visiting is actually open. A simple phone call or Google search can go a long way.

  4. 4. Have a virtual dinner date

    zoom call with friends

    This date idea is perhaps one of the easiest. It’s also one of the best alternatives in terms of social distancing. All you need to do is gather the ingredients to make a nice meal, sit down and enjoy the meal as you FaceTime with your date. For a more romantic ambiance, you can even dim the room and light your favorite scented candles. If you want it to feel like an actual on-site date, go all-in and do your favorite evening makeup, or wear a fancy outfit. 

  5. 5. Cook a new recipe together

    A couple standing in a brightly lit apartment drinking coffee. There is a table of fruit in front of them and they are in front of a window.

    Experimenting and getting creative in the kitchen with your SO can be so much fun. All you have to do is set a date and a place (preferably either one of you or your partner’s houses), gather all of the ingredients that the chosen recipe requires, and get cooking! Feel free to distribute the tasks so each of you has something to focus on. Or, if you’re like me, you can simply do every step together so you learn something new as you go. While you cook, you can play one of your favorite Spotify playlists (it can be a romantic one, if you’re into that), so you both have something to set the mood.

  6. 6. Have a movie marathon

    person holding a remote control pointed at TV streaming netflix

    Movie marathons are a perfect go-to for when you feel like just chilling and staying cozy at home. For this date idea, choose your favorite movies or movie saga and invite your partner over. You can never go wrong with classics such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, or your favorite Marvel movies. Before the date, make sure you have both been complying with social distancing measures so there are no potential risks involved. When the day comes, turn on the AC, grab a bag of popcorn and wrap yourselves up in the softest blankets. Get ready for some serious cuddling!

  7. 7. Have a photoshoot

    woman using a camera

    Whoever said photoshoots had to be done exclusively by influencers or professional photographers? I’m here to tell you that, if your heart so desires, you can grab any camera (or your phone) and go to your favorite sites with your loved one to take pictures of each other. If you don’t know where, think about wide, outdoorsy spaces, such as parks or backyards. For a fun twist, you can even match outfits or coordinate any themed outfit. If you happen to have an instant camera, such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini, bring it along and create cute keepsakes that you and your partner can swap or keep in albums, wallets, or frames.

  8. 8. Schedule an art session

    painting pallete

    If you’re feeling inspired for this Valentine’s Day, here’s the cue for you to gather all of your art supplies, invite your partner over and have them get artistic with you. You can literally draw, paint or craft whatever you feel like doing; although, if you have no clue what to do, you can pick up any random object and make a sort of drawing challenge wherein the both of you have to draw that specific item. You can also set themes and have each other draw according to their own interpretations of what that theme may be. Afterwards, you can exchange your artwork so each of you can take home a memento of this beautiful and memorable day

  9. 9. Work out together

    Workout partner

    The neat thing about this date idea is that you can do it either virtually or on-site. Again, if you’re thinking of scheduling an in-person workout sesh, make sure you are both healthy and respecting social distancing measures. If you and your partner prefer group classes, both of you can book the same online class and participate together. Or, you can create your own workout beforehand and meet together at one of your houses’ garages or backyards and work out together. If you wish to be even more in sync, I recommend you check out couple workouts online. There are so many options out there for couples to try out together! 

  10. 10. Have a game night

    jenga game and wine

    Just like the previous date idea, this one can be on-site or virtual—whichever you and your partner prefer. If you’d like the former, set a time and place with your lover, and choose which games to bring to your date. It can be a card game such as UNO, Spanish cards or Casino. Maybe you’d like a board game like Monopoly, Life, chess or chinese checkers, to name a few. If you’d choose the latter, know that there are a ton of free virtual board-gaming platforms to choose from, such as Arkadium, Poki or Jackbox games.

If you really dive deep and brainstorm, you’ll notice that there are a lot of COVID-friendly activities you can do. Don't let the pandemic dampen your spirits! Choose the date idea that best matches you and your partner’s preferences and availability—all while taking care of yourselves and your loved ones.