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10 Artists You Should Follow on IG

If you’re spending hours upon hours scrolling through Instagram, perhaps you’d be interested in beautifying your feed. Here are 10 artists on IG that are sure to do the job.


She’s the lead character designer for DC Superhero Girls, and she’s one of the leading #girlsinanimation. She mainly draws stylish and badass females, which she gives more insight on how to craft in her latest publication, The Art of Pernille Ørum. This artist has made a name for herself within the art and animation community, which is why she’s a worthy pick to add to your follow list.


@whitneypollett has a distinctive style that hinges on pin-up silhouettes. Her art tends to be colorful and flamboyant, with pieces that are actual eye candy. Literally, her art looks like candy. Pollett’s whimsical drawings are truly captivating, and are sure to brighten up your IG feed.


If you’re a fan of Disney, @sthompsonart’s work might be your cup of tea. He’s a legitimate Disney artist whose art can be seen on all sorts of merchandise, specifically within the Disney Designer Collection. His sketchy style is incredibly charming, and always captures the classic touch of each iconic character he tackles. He does a great spunky Tinker Bell, but his Ariels always steal the show.


Most recognized for her mermaid sketches, I’d regard this next artist as a poster child for #mermay. Aside from her beautiful mermaids, she does detailed pint-sized paintings of magical fairies, dazzling ballerinas, and other whimsical dolls. Her work is so stunning, it’s worth hanging up for decor.


The world of @itslopez is a rose-tinted one, and you’ll instantly fall in love with it. She does illustration and character design for a living, and recently released her first set of graphic novels—entirely written and illustrated by her. She also posts plenty of fan art, including works of anime, K-pop bands, and, ofcourse, Disney.



@_picolo does even more amazing fan art, that easily triggers any 90’s or ‘00’s kid’s nostalgia. He’s probably most notorious for his Teen Titans comics, in which he cleverly depicts the titans in the era of social media. His fan art catalogue also includes Disney, as well as, Danny Phantom, Studio Ghibli, among others. Picolo’s original work is also top notch, and you can see it in his latest comic book Icarus and the Sun.


Her sketchbook is like a diary of mundane things that she sees in her day-to-day, as well as of her own machinations. Basically, @marie_silver_36 can make an incredible sketch of just about anything. FYI: nothing’s ever mundane through the eyes of this artist.


This children’s illustrator’s work is as heartwarming as children’s illustration gets. He constantly comes out with imaginative, highly saturated pieces that sometimes harbor some subtle eeriness. His style is very particular, down to the colors he chooses. Scrolling through @vidsierra’s feed provides a sense of escapism and childhood innocence.


In the mood for dreamy sketches of cloud girls, and the occasional Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fan art? Look no further than @ludmilacerafoce’s page. She creates the most beautiful and delicate drawings, that often have a celestial theme to them. They’re understated yet breathtaking, and guaranteed to beautify your feed.


This last artist is a fashion illustrator, whose sketches feature models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. He is quite inventive in his work, which he consistently showcases in impressive IGTV videos of time-sensitive sketches. Even more impressive are his cut-out portraits. Believe me, this is one IG page you’ll be thoroughly entertained by.

Now that your Instagram feed’s been beautified, why not look up these and more artists on other social media apps? If you’re gonna be on your phone for hours on end, might as well turn it into a pseudo-art museum—just to add a little culture, you know?

Gabriela Collazo Díaz is an undergraduate student majoring in English Literature at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. From a young age she was drawn to the arts. She took violin lessons as a child; sang in the municipal choir of Manatí, P.R.; and was part of the UPR's Teatro lírico. In 2018, she published a short story titled "La pubertad de las hadas" in the anthology Más allá del huracán. The anthology was part of a Hurricane Maria-inspired project for a creative writing course taught by Prof. Mayra Santos-Febres. In addition to singing and writing, Collazo also enjoys drawing, songwriting, and photography. She is an animal lover, and has an affinity for fashion and pop culture.
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