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Winter Bucket List

After being overwhelmed with non-stop studying, projects and finals, then you will be more than happy to take a break and relax as winter break comes around. During this upcoming break, there is plenty to do to help refresh yourself for next semester. Here are a couple of things I would like to complete before the winter season ends. Winter break when the sun and warm weather disappear (unless you live in Texas and the weather is unpredictable) is the best time to try new things and create more memories. A bucket list consists of different experiences or achievements that one wants to complete during a specific time. Here are just a few things on my 2019 – 2020 winter bucket list: 

  1. Hot Cocoa with Friends 

  2. Holiday Movies 

  3. Ice Skating 

  4. Make homemade holiday treats and drinks 

  5. Soak in an outdoor hot tub or in a natural Hot Springs

  6. Decorate with festive lights 

  7. Decorate a gingerbread house 

  8. Read a new book. 

  9. Start a scrapbook filled with bucket-list memories

  10. Learn to knit

  11. Knit a beanie or scarf

  12. Try a new restaurant 

  13. Ride a sleigh

  14. Make a winter playlist 

  15. Attend a Hockey Game 

  16. Do a random act of kindness for someone

  17. Go Horseback riding 

  18. Host a holiday game night 

  19. Have an Ugly Sweater Party 

  20. Visit a local tree farm 

  21. Adopt an angel 

  22. Create a holiday card and send it to friends and family  

  23. Paint a portrait 

  24. Volunteer at a local shelter 

  25. Ride around and see Holiday lights 

  26. Plan a weekend trip

Hi, I am currently a Sophomore at the University of North Texas. My major is Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations with a double minor in Spanish and Communication Studies. Follow my journey here: Twitter: @thankmelaterr_ Instagram: @thankmelaterr
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