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What Rejection Has Taught Me

Between you and me, I’ve got 99 problems, and my fear of rejection probably makes up the majority of them. Unfortunately, I have faced my fair share of being rejected; especially when it comes to the opposite sex. I would rather walk on glass than to be told ‘yikes, I’ve got some bad news for you’ any day. Then again, there are times when rejection can be a good thing; even a useful tool if you will.

All I can honestly say that this past year, each time that I have been rejected has been a learning experience. I have learned so much about myself, as well as those around me.

  • I am consistently persistent. Now, being persistent isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it comes in handy when you need to do some convincing, or have an 11:59 deadline. However, it can have to opposite when it comes to people who clearly don’t want to be bothered.

  • Not everyone wants to be involved with me, and that’s okay! Just like I have a preference, there are other people who have preferences, too. Everyone is a cup of tea for the next person. We all have different styles and traits that we’re attracted to (whether romantically or just in general).

  • Romance is not all it is cracked up to be. Thanks to ‘mood’ Twitter, most people feel this immense pressure to be in a relationship. Sometimes people will pick the first attractive person they see and try to ‘cuff’ them. I am not exempt. A relationship is more than being able to kiss your significant other at every waking moment or having movie dates, they involve work. And sometimes it’s more work for people to handle, especially when they have yet to work on themselves.

  • I am so much more than someone’s opinion of me. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to present ourselves in one way, that we completely lose control over who we actually are. I can admit that this has happened to me on more than one occasion. If someone does not like you for who you truly are, then that is not your problem. I’ve learned that I am beautiful and unique despite what someone else wants to believe. I’ve also learned that self-love is better than any love from another.

So sometimes, rejection isn’t the worst thing in the world. Sometimes, you just might learn something.

Arianna Watkins

American '24

Media Arts Major||UNT '21
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