Ways to Stay Active at Home

Staying at home for more than two weeks has to be one of the saddest things to happen in 2020. Few months ago, many of us made plans on how to make 2020 a positive year. Although this can be hindered because we are unable to go out like before, working on our mental health has to be a top-priority in our lives. It is easy for anyone, especially extroverts, to have a mental turmoil because they are forced to adapt to an unusual daily life. Staying at home could lead to an inactive mind which could cause depression, paranoia, and anxiety. Below are activities that could keep you awake and active while you stay at home: 

1. Host a watch party

2. Discover new music

3. Learn how to draw or paint

4. Work out at home

5. Learn how to cook or bake

6. Practice how to style hair

7. Play with your make-up

8. Learn new Tik Tok dances

9. Binge watch Youtube videos

10. Spring Clean