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Trust the Process 2.0

    Last fall of 2019, I wrote about trusting the process at the beginning of the semester. At the time, I was entering a new chapter in my life and things were changing for me. Adulting got real and school got even realer, but, at the end of the day, I made it a point to trust the process. So, here I am during the fall of 2020 around the same time, once again telling you to trust the process. 

    Everyone’s world has done a 360 in some way since COVID came about. We are forced to be in this “new normal”, social distancing, and virtually doing everything in order to be sure that we’re protected. Might I say, it has not been an easy course at all. 

    When you log on to social media all you see is how 2020 has been a tough year thus far literally for everyone, but I’m here to tell you to continue to trust the process. During times like this, all you can do is have hope and come together as one. I am a believer, and I believe that God doesn’t make mistakes and everything happens for a reason. 

    Personally, I did not imagine my senior to be played out like this. From the zoom classes, to the zoom meetings, and even zoom interviews, it’s not easy. On top of that, working multiple jobs during a pandemic and trying to mentally stay afloat and focused has been rough. Guess what? It’s only September, and I know it’ll get harder before it gets easier, but it is okay. Through this time, I have had more blessings than disappointments, and I am truly grateful for that. So here are a few tips that is helping me to push through during troubling times.

    First things first, rest. I had to learn the hard way that I can't do it all and functioning without little to no rest is not the way to go. So, get your rest.

    Secondly, get out the house. Yes, I know that we are still technically quarantined and not everyone feels comfortable to go back outside just yet, but go get some fresh air. Hang around friends and family that you feel comfortable and safe around. Getting out your little bubble can distress you in ways you didn’t even think of.

    Thirdly, be around community. We all need community. Whether we are introverted or extroverted, community is good. From organizations, to roommates, or even close friends, that, too, is community. Although we’re living in a virtual world right now, still being able to laugh, play games, and watch movies virtually can bring some happiness and excitement in your world. No matter how strong or independent you are, you still need community. You can’t push through this season all alone. 

    Lastly, self care. We all self care in different ways, but regardless on what your self care routine may look like, you need it. Having a weekly self care routine is very important, especially for us college students. Mentally taking a break from school, work, and even social media can do you some justice,so carve out some time for your self care.

    Now, I’m sure the list can continue so forth and there’s so much more that can be said, but these are things that have helped me to continue to trust the process. I say this all to say that you got this! Don’t doubt yourself or give up. Continue to push through and put up a fight and most of all continue to TRUST THE PROCESS! GOOD LUCK THIS SEMESTER! 

Hello, I am Tierra Bartie. Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. I currently attend the University of North Texas where I am a broadcasting journalism major with a minor in English. When I am not studying im either sleeping, eating, or hanging out with family and friends. I love working out in the gym and journaling as well.
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