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While mainstream music takes the world by storm, trailing far behind are extremely talented artists who have yet to break through to a large audience. Whether they be one-hit-wonders, or artists who haven’t had the chance to stand in the spotlight, there are more than enough artists who deserve to gain recognition for their incredible talent. I’ll be breaking down my top 4 underrated artists of 2021. 


Starting off strong at number one is BANKS. She is a force to be reckoned with, her songs are synth-heavy, gut-wrenching stories of past relationships. BANKS uses powerful metaphors, insane lyricism, and a hardly believable vocal range. Her sound is so unique and lacks comparison. Her femme-fatale persona is intoxicating and pulls you right in. My favorite songs of hers are The Devil and Propaganda. Listening to her songs at maximum volume is non-negotiable. 


Number two is Kilo Kish. Kilo Kish is an alternative artist with a knack for futuristic, synth-heavy beats paired with an angelic voice. Listening to her music makes you feel euphoric and mysterious – as if you’re in a James Bond movie. Her lyrics are reflective of a yearning for something more, the desire never going away or getting satisfied. Something everyone can relate to feeling before. She’s very experimental with her sound which is so refreshing nowadays. My favorite songs of hers are Nice Out and Bloody Future.


Following up at number three is Nao. Unlike the first two artists, Nao focuses more on a light, airy sound. However, her earlier work was more hard-hitting. Her instrumentals give off the impression of being on vacation with the wind in your hair. Nao has an extremely unique voice that sounds like being greeted at the pearly gates, her high pitch and soft voice tie the songs together. Songs of love, loss, and anger. Closing your eyes and swaying to the bass guitar used in her songs has been clinically proven to release stress. My favorite song is Bad Blood.


Last, but certainly not least, is Gorillaz. They are a virtual band that releases house, pop, and all-around experimental music. The special thing about Gorillaz is that they change up the members every so often. This gives each album its own special sound. While they are relatively well-known, they are on this list because I feel that some of their other songs need more recognition. Lately, a few have gone viral on social media while some gems of songs by them are neglected. I particularly love their EDM/house songs – they’re phenomenal. My favorite songs by Gorillaz are Andromeda ft. DRAM and Empire Ants ft Little Dragon.

Elim Matios is a sophomore at the University of North Texas and is majoring in Public Health with a concentration in administration. Her goal is to someday work in healthcare management but not before graduating in 2024.
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