Stop sleeping on Astrid S and stream "Leave It Beautiful"

In Europe, specifically her home country Nowergia, Astrid S is considered a pop icon. It is about time America's got with the program. Early in her career, Astrid saw brief overnight fame with her feature on Shawn Mendes' debut album, and with sleeper hits Hurts So Good and Party's Over. But she went into hibernation, only releasing EPs teasing her long-awaited debut full-length project.

Astrid finally dropped the 10 track album Leave It Beautiful on Oct. 16. I have spent the past couple of weeks digesting the album. Astrid simply pours out her thoughts about heartbreak, separation, loss which eventually releases into a state of graceful growth, healing, and independence. She remains sunny and optimistic, even while crooning about feeling too heartbroken to process the end of a relationship. It is the perfect album for moving onto better things while being unsure of what the future holds is worth leaving your comfort zone.

Although the album alludes to a romantic relationship coming to an end, I perceived the album in reference to the bigger picture of life. I have experienced heartbreak, but this year in general has felt like a purge of everything I used to be. I am sure many people can relate to that feeling. We were all challenged by the events of this year, and everyone is learning to adapt to a new reality. Everyone had to learn how to thrive (well at least survive) in solitude. Many people struggled to be productive and wondered if they were quarantining the "right" way.  Marilyn Monroe, Dance Dance Dance and Airpods parade themes of independence and self-sufficiency. They serve as reminders to do what feels right to you and disregard outward criticism.

If you feel more drawn to the heartbreak arc, the album will guide you through all the phases of mourning a love. Start with It's Ok If You Forget Me, for when you're in denial. Then fade into Obsessed when you find yourself lurking on your ex's social media. Leave It Beautiful plays in the background (giving you total main-character vibes) as you watch the sunset and wish your ex nothing but happiness. Lastly, Hits Different is waiting for you at the finish line, when you've made peace with the freedom of being single.

However the album resonates with you, it encapsulates the emotions we've experienced during this rollercoaster ride of a year. Listen here on Spotify.