Some of 2019’s Best Songs

I have very strong music opinions (as you may have gathered from my previous articles). So, I present to you what I think are some of 2019’s best songs released this year. This is not an exhaustive list, however! Comment your top songs! Create a music-sharing chain!


  1. “PUPPET” by Tyler, the Creator. This song is so devastating and beautiful and earnest, and I personally think it’s the best song off IGOR (which is a hard feat, as the entire album is phenomenal). Tyler displays some of his best songwriting to date, with lyrics like “what is your wish? It can be granted” cutting deep. 

  2. “Pluto Projector” by Rex Orange County. In an album full of unsureness and depression, Rex Orange County offers a beautiful spot of hope with this incredible, orchestral ode to his long-time girlfriend, Thea. The orchestral interlude coupled with lyrics like “this right here still feels like a honeymoon when you say my name” makes this one of the most tender songs of the year. 

  3. “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. Styles’ Cali rock influences are felt deeply in this track, the best of his three singles released so far (as I type this, Fine Line is releasing Friday). His voice glides through lyrics like “tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’, and it sounds just like a song,” nonchalantly like he doesn’t know how he’s killing his fan base.  

  4. “Wasteland, Baby!” by Hozier. “Wasteland, Baby!” might be an album full of protest and fear, but the final, titular track is a stripped, snowy track full of incredible softness. No one but Hozier could make love in the face of apocalypse sound so inviting and kind; he croons “wasteland, baby, I’m in love, I’m In love with you,” and it sounds like the best kind of promise. 

  5.  “Walk Man” by Tiny Meat Gang. This is a goofy pick but I stand by it! TMG started as a joke rap duo by Youtubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller, but they unironically go hard, and “Walk Man” is a great example of that. Who else but two grown men on YouTube could say “we eatin’ good, I’m a fat man, faded chewin’ drugs like Pac-man” with a straight face? 

  6. “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo. Lizzo is having an amazingly successful year, and that is in no small part because of the bombastic, alluring quality of her music. Her titular, opening track “Cuz I Love You” is some of her best work; her pipes belting “I’m crying ‘cause I love you” were made for drama in the best way. 

  7. “wish you were gay” by Billie Eilish. While Eilish is known for her creepy antics and Gen-Z angst, this track shows a bruised aspect of her heart that is incredibly intriguing. “How am I supposed to make you feel okay?” she croons, perfectly encapsulating fraught teenage relationships and making me, a 20-year-old, sad. 

  8. “No Scrubs” by Weezer. Weezer, off the success of covering Toto’s “Africa,” made an entire cover album that is somehow better than 90% of their actual new material. “No Scrubs” is the standout of the album, and showcases Rivers Cuomo’s sarcastic vocals (his snarking of “a scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me” is hilarious) in a fun, fresh way. 

  9. “cellophane” by FKA Twigs. FKA twigs is known for her breathy voice and quirky-girl antics, and this track showcases both flawlessly. The piano escalates into pulsing synths, and her voice soars over lines like “And I don't want to have to share our love, I try but I get overwhelmed.” 

  10. “Running Up Freestyle” by Megan Thee Stallion. A true example of Thee Stallion’s incredible flow and raunchy freestyle skills, with boasts like “if it ain’t 'bout money, then you know I ain't involved.” I guarantee if you play this at any function it will get 10 times better.