So You Want to Start Bullet Journaling

First thing’s first, here’s a link to what bullet journaling is:


Now that we’ve cleared up what bullet journaling means, here are some easy tips to take the leap into getting your life in order in a fun and creative way!


  1. The most important thing to remember when you start bullet journaling is that it shouldn’t feel like a chore. It will take effort, but you should be enjoying doing it! It won’t help you if you dread opening up your journal.

  2. While crazy spreads and detailed layouts are fun to look at, don’t feel like you have to go nuts right away. All you need is a journal and pens. You don’t even have to be colorful at first if you don’t want to! You just need your creativity.

  3. Know what you want to work on! If you want to start tracking your mental health, make a space to log your thoughts. If you want to focus on schoolwork, make a space for tracking your assignments. Don’t clutter your journal up with things you won’t care about.

  4. Have fun with it! Don’t worry what other people will think if they see your journal; it’s not for them, it’s for you. Allow your journal to be a space where you can be your authentic, creative self.


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