Seven Apps to Ease You Into Exercise


During the summer, exercise probably falls off your radar due to vacations, relaxation or work time. So when the fall hits, you probably need some guidance to get back into the routine of regularly exercising. These apps, all free (some have an optional subscription), will help ease you into exercising regularly so it doesn’t suck as much.


  1. Ease into 5K



If you’re into running, this app is definitely for you. This app will ease you into being able to run a 5K, with as little as 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. This app has an 8-week program to get you running a 5K, but after the 8 weeks, you can still use it to run and workout. This app also lets you listen to your workout music while using it so you’re not stuck just listening to the voice that tells you about your intervals, which is really nice.


  1. Popsugar Active


This is my personal favorite of the workout apps listed. Besides being completely free, (no in-app purchases or subscriptions), this app is super beginner friendly. With challenges you can take up that range from 21-day to 31-day, this app is your friend. Plus, this app has a variety of workouts: yoga, dance, strength, cardio, etc. This app pretty much has it all.



  1. Seven Minute Workouts for Women

This is another fantastic app that is free and doesn’t have in-app purchases or subscriptions. With no equipment needed exercises, this app makes exercise super easy with only 7-minute workouts.Plus, you can watch exercise videos, track your progress and try a variety of different exercises, all 7 minutes long.


  1. Sworkit


This app is pretty popular, but it does have in-app purchases in a premium version of the app. The free version is pretty comprehensive though, starting with a 6-week program of your choice, from “Leaner”, “Fitter” or “Stronger”. Plus, a lot of these exercises are bodyweight exercises, which means no equipment needed.This app also lets you do custom workouts and you can make your workout as long or as short as you want, depending on your (probably pretty busy) schedule.


  1. Fitbit

Now, you do need a FitBit for this app to work, as it syncs the health data with your Fitbit, but if you have a Fitbit and this app, it can be a real motivator to start exercising. This app tracks all your health data, from heart rate to steps to hydration to even a food tracker. You can also record your workouts on this app and watch yourself improve over the course of your exercising.


  1. Adidas All Day Fitness


This is another good app that doesn’t have in-app purchases or subscriptions. And with a variety of different functions, this app is a great all-inclusive health app.You can workout with this app as well as meditate, track your sleep or even eat healthier with the recipes that the app provides. And if you feel anxious, even when you’re not exercising, this app has breathing routines that can help with that.



  1. Freeletics Body Weight


This is a great app if you don’t like the gym or don’t like using the equipment. Most of the exercises are, as the name implies, body weight exercises. Freeletics’s exercises range from beginner to advanced and you can choose from 5-30 minute workouts based on your need. Plus, there’s a social feed on this app that will let the Freeletics community encourage you and vice versa.