The Real Crisis in America

Recently, I’ve seen more and more Facebook posts about protesting quarantine and wanting the government to open up the economy to get haircuts and their nails done. This, to me, was frustrating enough to see. Then there were the people who think coronavirus is all one big conspiracy. All these people are frustrating to listen to and watch videos about, but I at least try to move on. Not because I support what the protesters are doing, but honestly, they are so ignorant that they wouldn’t listen to any logical reasoning - let alone the fact that the businesses they want to open up aren’t even essential things they need. But then, I saw another Facebook post. 

The post contained a women at a California protest against quarantine, and she, along with many others were arguing that corona virus was not the crisis - the real crisis was abortion rates in America. 

Now, let’s look beyond the fact that they are completely belittling the coronavirus pandemic with, really, not many health experts or scientists backing them up. But beyond that, they are really using this time to compare it to and bring light to an “abortion crisis” in America?  

As I’ve said before, I am not advocating for more abortions, and I am not saying that it’s a great thing. But every woman deserves the right to choose. 

I can’t really explain it, but people protesting that abortion is the “real” crisis in America truly got under my skin. 

You know what’s happening in America that’s a crisis?

Millions of people are trying to file for unemployment because Corona closed their workplace. Thousands of people can’t afford their rent right now, but Congress is fighting over giving people another stimulus check. Students can’t go to school to learn in a face to face environment. Immigrants fear deportation every day, but it is heightened during this pandemic. Spouses of undocumented immigrants are being denied stimulus relief. Women who want or need abortions are being denied because of their procedures be “non-essential."

All of these are crises. I’m sure there are so many more that I left off the list. But while the pro-life movement may not like abortions, calling it a crisis is not going to make them go away. Don’t like abortions? Support free access to contraceptives, support sex education, support welfare and government assistance to struggling families. Banning abortion only bans safe and accessible ones. But even with that, do not use the coronavirus to try to sway public officials to support anti-abortion laws.