Ranking Taylor Swifts Albums

This is without a doubt the hardest article I’ve ever written. The thought of pitting the best albums to ever grace planet Earth against one another is heart wrenching, but my friends keep asking for a ranking from me and I am, unfortunately, a people pleaser. A couple of disclaimers before we start though: 1. Artist of the Decade Taylor Swift has literally never written a bad album. All of them are amazing in their own way and deserve zero hate. 2. This is subject to change at any moment depending on my mood, the weather, the day of the week, etc. 

With that being said, here are my rankings of Taylor Swift’s nine albums as of January 20, 2021 at 2:18 p.m (from best to not best).:

  1. folklore

  2. evermore

  3. Red

  4. Speak Now

  5. reputation

  6. Lover

  7. 1989 

  8. Fearless

  9. Debut