Poseidon for Biden: The Battle of Lake Travis

On September 5th, 2020, a huge boat parade to honor Donald Trump took place on Lake Travis (which is where I happen to live). Living in a safe, affluent town has been great, aside from dealing with raging Republicans and racist older white-folk, which has been anything but enticing. 


Funnily enough, multiple 911 calls ensued and at least 4 boats started sinking because of how many paraded, creating large waves. For people to not abide by social distancing, not wear masks, and parade around drinking and yelling their baseless obsessions with Trump was insanity but came to a hilarious end. 


Much of the people who attended were my neighbors, fellow high school classmates, or families I interact with because of living in Lakeway. This day is going down in history as “The Battle of Lake Travis,” where the lake capsized boats, leaving us to witness nature siding against Trump and his fascist approach. 


This is the second Trump boat parade where boats were sinking or in distress, along with one that allegedly caught on fire. Not only did the lake erupt in waves, but the blue wave is coming! When nature is pushing for the democrats, you know the election is about to shake things up. 


I am not insinuating people should drown because of their political views, but that many boats out on a lake during a pandemic is far from something to be applauded. Multiple people I went to school with posted pictures in their Trump gear, with their signature white claws in each hand, and not a mask in sight. 


They should have seen the sinking boats coming and been apprehensive of spreading COVID-19. No wonder Poseidon is for Biden! I honestly think that should be a new campaign slogan. 


This was meant to be an informative article, but the events that transpired were so ironic, I couldn’t help but make some jokes! 


On that note, please stay informed on the upcoming election and vote!!! Using our voices is how we incite change, democracy is change. It is up to us to be a part of it.