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We are in difficult times and it is beyond me how we’re trying to live a somewhat, normal everyday life while in the middle of a global pandemic. Well, really the other half of the world has been able to completely and successfully return to relative normalcy due to their government officials listening to their medical doctors and taking the necessary actions to cease the spread.


 Meanwhile, our president chose to ignore that and now we have to change our lifestyles to take all the necessary precautions like self-quarantining, social distancing, wearing masks, etc, to stay safe.


With these new precautions in place, there have been many new changes being implemented in how businesses and companies are now functioning. They’re getting more creative about how to handle business things such as meetings, events, and photoshoots. 


Recently big shot magazines and companies are having their clients do remote, at-home photoshoots with the equipment they already have on hand. It could be something as simple as having an iPhone camera and sending over kits containing anything one would need for an at-home photo shoot. 


Recently, Billboard magazine had Latin trap artist, Bad Bunny, do his magazine cover photoshoot at-home during the non-negotiable quarantine in Puerto Rico. It was shot using an iPhone by his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, which made her the first Latina to shoot the cover for Rolling Stone. It was intended to be a piece on his new album phenomenon as well as him in captivity and what he’s been up to during quarantine. 


Zara was another company that joined the at-home shoot trend for its newest spring arrivals. Keeping their models’ safety in mind, they decided to ship their new arrivals straight to their 411 models and had them photograph themselves in the comfort of their own beautiful homes. Considering that their models are from all over the world, they get to show their own unique style and twist on the pieces, along with more culturally enriched locations. Plus they’re still keeping Zara’s elegant, modern chic image intact. 


Of course, it hasn’t been just fashion and music that have adapted to the quarantine lockdowns—makeup campaigns don’t stray far behind. The beautiful, down-to-earth, Selena Gomez, has just released her new makeup line at Sephora, Rare Beauty, dropping an incredibly inclusive, raw line. Not only is it color inclusive in their range of shades of concealers and foundations (48 shades to be exact), but it’s also had a true and rare, campaign. They sent their models the products and had them apply it however they normally would and send selfies of themselves back. It demonstrated to the consumer the realness, rawness, and beauty of these women without photoshop, extreme editing, lights, and everything else. It helped truly demonstrate the truth behind their message to make women feel beautiful by making you feel good, and not hide what you already have behind editing. 


This has not only been a world-wide trend by brands and businesses, but it has become a trend within our society as well. Now more and more people are having at-home photoshoots and even through video calling. This trend has definitely allowed anyone who has a cell phone, amongst talented artists and visionaries, to get creative at home.


In an unexpected strange way, this pandemic has exploded creativity within everything and everyone. It has made companies and businesses think outside the box, during a time when we’re all forced to stay inside our own quarantined boxes.

Lesly is currently a junior at the University of North Texas and is majoring in Journalism, with a double minor in digital retailing and entrepreneurship. She is a very strong faith and family based gal, who is also a makeup and fashion enthusiast. Please email any feedback tips, or inquiries to leslysanchez1622@gmail.com.
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