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Old Disney Movies

Binge watching is always the number one way to relax for most of us during times of stress; however, have you considered binge watching old Disney movies that you use to binge on as a kid? Sometimes we are so focused on adulting, and growing up, we forget to appreciate parts of our childhood. Therefore, one way to help you relax and help you remember some of the best times as a kid is to watch old classic Disney movies.


Oliver and Company (1988)

Oliver and Company is a cute movie about the adventures of a little stray tabby kitten just trying to survive the streets of New York City. Oliver ends up getting taken in by Dodger, and his gang of thieving dogs, and learns how to live on the streets with them. Later, Oliver is adopted by Jenny, and is shown what it’s like to live the easy life, off of the streets. However, that’s not the end of Oliver’s adventure as he encounters more hardship with the real world.

A Goofy Movie (1995)

A Goofy Movie is a spin off on one of the most iconic Disney characters, Goofy. As we all know, Goofy is a kind hearted character who tends to be a major klutz on the daily. Although we see it as endearing, his son, Max, could say otherwise. This movie is about their relationship growing over their father-son fishing trip, which has a drastic turn of events.

Hercules (1997)

This movie is a magical twist to the classic Greek mythology tale of Hercules. Hercules was born a full god, however, due to his father’s enemy – also known as Hercules’s uncle – he was forced to live on Earth as a demigod. During his adventure, he strives to return to his father, and the others, on Mount Olympus, while meeting interesting people and creatures on the way.

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

This movie is about the young Emperor Kuzco, and his adventure as a llama. With the help of his friend Pacha, Kuzco tries to reclaim his throne and all the benefits of being emperor which he took for granted. Meanwhile he is running for his life from his wicked advisor, Yzma and her henchman, Kronk.

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

This story unfolds the adventure of two very odd best friends. Lilo is a lonely girl, who has trouble making friends, and adopts an ugly “dog,” naming it Stitch, not realizing that he was an alien. Together they learn the meaning behind family and friendship as they face both earthly and extra-terrestrial hardships, together.

Although these five Disney movies were forms of entertainment while growing up, they each hold messages which we can still relate to today as young adults. Just because we are growing into adulthood doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the joys of our childhood. Instead, we should appreciate these joys, and embrace our inner child.  

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