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October Is Here! Now What To Do For Halloween ?

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Halloween has finally arrived! Well, October has, but that does not mean we can not plan for Halloween now! Just like people plan for Thanksgiving a whole month in advance on what they are going to serve or how people shop for, Halloween is the same!

Of course, they are many things to plan in advance for Halloween: decorations, trick-or-treat routes, and COSTUMES! However, one of my favorite things to do, especially if I have the means to, is to go on spooky adventures with my friends.

There are many classic things to do, such as a pumpkin patch and trick-or-treat. However, to me at least, I want to do things that I could do at home, and I want to have adventures that are going to be memorable.

If you are like me, you are going to want to see the list of adventures that I have come up with for Halloween:

1. Ghost Adventures!

Halloween is the perfect time to go on a spooky adventure with your friends. In whatever city you are in, there is bound to be at least one nighttime ghost tour that shows mysterious places and tells you what horrible thing happened there for a reasonable price.

In my research, I came along this company https://ghostcitytours.com/ that give ghost tours (and bar fun for those over 21!) in many popular cities, such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Austin.

While a planned ghost tour is something fun to do to get into the spooky season, if following someone around to listen to them talk about stuff does not excite you, then you could plan your own spooky adventure.

However, there should be a disclaimer to be safe if you plan by yourself or with others, and if there are others present and they getting creeped out – respect their wishes. Do not venture anywhere that is foreign to you and/or if you do not have an overall plan on what to do.

Here are some haunted places to go to in your respective city:


There are many places where you could visit that have a dark history to them – you just need to know how to find them.

2. Costume Movie Nights

Do have so many good costume ideas and can not decide one for Halloween night! Well, the best of both worlds would be to have a designated costume movie night. These events have been becoming more popular on TikTok, where they consist of couples and single costumes.

Here are just some ideas for costumes movie nights:

  • Color costumes
    • Come in costumes that are primarly one color or randomly choose colors and come in those costumes. For example, some colors could come as Crayons or fairies, red costumes could include a demon/devil costumes, and white costumes be, in constrast, could be angels.
  • Disney-inspired costumes
    • Everyone come dressed up as the favorite Disney or Disney-afflaited characters. It is amazing what people could come up with
  • Come dressed up as the first letter of your name
    • Everyone could come dressed up as the inital of their first name. For example, K could come as a kite, L could come as a lollipop, or B could come dressed up as a butterfly.

While these are just some ideas, they are many more ideas that could be thought of. On these movie nights, you could eat, drink, play video/cardboard games, and of course, watch all the Halloween movies that the world has to provide!

This is bound to make your Halloween memorable.

3. Decorating Pumpkins

You probably saw the heading and said, “Yeah, that’s pretty basic, I would do that as well.” However, there are so many ways that you could spice up this classic Halloween activity

For example, you could:

  • Instead of carving a pumpkin, color it with any medium of your choice. Nothing should be off limits, just as long as everyone else is okay with it as well.
  • Instead of doing a pumpkin for yourself, choose someone out of people you are doing this with and make one for them. It would make a cute souvenir.
  • Use the pumpkins for something other than decreations, give them to random people as a prank (safely) or use this pumpkin as a way to let out anger – just make sure you clean up the mess and do it in good fashion.

There are many things you can do to spice up a classic Halloween activity, and if any of these ideas above don’t excite you, then you should make your own.

While there were only three ideas to make your Halloween more memorable, the possibilities are endless. If anything, this should be a guide on how to make them your own depending on availability, budget, and place.

I hope whatever y’all have planned, it goes by safe and in good fashion.

Have a great start to fall and have a happy Halloween!

Hello! My name is Bianca Morales. I am an Aries sun, Leo rising, and Sagittarius Moon, so triple fire sign. I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Texas. I love the unconditional things in life so if you do too, nice to meet you.
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