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My Final Playlist


I’ve made many playlists in my time writing for Her Campus. Now that I’m graduating within the next two weeks, it seems only fitting I leave you with one final playlist. No special theme here; just some of my favorite songs I want to pass along to anyone else who may love them the way I do. 


  1. Bones by The Killers. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song, but this one comes close. An awakening of a rock song. 

  2. To Binge by Gorillaz. This song sounds like a beach but feels like heartbreak. Tender yet full of guilt. 

  3. Happy by Mitski. The horns in this are transcendental. This song haunts me every moment of the day. 

  4. Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac. I can’t believe they didn’t let Stevie Nicks put this on the original version of the album. It is a perfect song. #JusticeforStevieNicks

  5. Best Friend by Rex Orange County. No song encapsulates that falling-in-love-in-springtime feel to me more than this one. Another example on this list of how much I like horns.

  6. Heroes by David Bowie. Perfect rock song. Can’t listen to it without wanting to recreate the tunnel scene (you know the one). 

  7. La vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong. I’ve written about this song many, many times. There is little else to say besides that there are few songs better than this one. 

  8. Be My Baby by the Ronettes. I have also written extensively about this song. It continues to be the perfect pop song. 

  9. Self Control by Frank Ocean. It was hard to pick my favorite Frank Ocean song, but when I think of Frank Ocean I think of this song so that answers my question for me. 

  10. Bennie and the Jets by Elton John. This song makes me feel so glamorous. My mood is instantly brightened by it. 


And that’s it. Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me at @SunlinBreck, where I’ll be posting more playlists, among other things. <3


Journalism major. I like dogs, poetry, and iced coffee, in that order. 
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