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My COVID-19 experience has been underwhelming, to say the least. 

My life since COVID -19 made its great debut has changed slightly. Before COVID 19 hit hard towards the middle of March, I was following my normal schedule. My ‘normal’ schedule consisted of waking up every morning to catch the bus in order to attend my 9 AM class at the University of North Texas. My classes usually lasted from 9 AM until 12 PM. Around 12 PM I would grab a bite to eat in the union or the dining halls on campus. Around 1 PM, I would be on the bus back to my apartment, from there I changed into my work clothes. At 2 PM I drove about 30 minutes to the elementary school that I work at until 6 PM. After work ended, I headed back to the university for the different meetings of organizations that I was involved in. The meetings concluded around 8:30 PM, then I would hang out and eat with my friends until the night ends. 

 I’ll showcase how my schedule and life has changed during different COVID 19 updates. At the start of the global pandemic, the government started with the stay at home order in the different counties. This caused me to move back in with my parents. In the midst of the stay at home order, I turned twenty years old. My twentieth birthday consisted of a zoom hang out with my friends and a cheesecake made by my mom. 

The beginning of April. 

Throughout the stay-at-home orders, all the days blended together for me and that created a sense of neverending quarantine. My mom worked from home for her job while my dad, an essential worker, went out to work. During the stay at home orders I continued to do my school work, I woke up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday because of a remote learning setting for my MUET 2000 course while my other courses continued to move solely online. When I wasn’t doing my homework from my courses I binged watch shows from different subscription services and face timed my friends. 

The beginning of May. 

The stay at home order was lifted at the beginning of May at many non-essential businesses began to reopen. My parents were very skeptical of letting me out of the house to go out with friends or eat out at restaurants.

The Now — June. 

 Long story short, my parents are still very skeptical and with the numbers going up every day in Texas and I have yet to return to the new ‘normal’.

Hi, I am currently a Sophomore at the University of North Texas. My major is Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations with a double minor in Spanish and Communication Studies. Follow my journey here: Twitter: @thankmelaterr_ Instagram: @thankmelaterr
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