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There is a lot of things I would like to do before I no longer can. I have been working on my bucket list recently! Since there are too many fun, exciting and unique things I’d like to do, here are the top ten things on my bucket list that I MUST DO in my lifetime!

1. Skydiving over the South Padre Island

2. Swim with sharks

3. Bathe an Elephant

4. Name a star

5. Go backpacking in Europe

6. Visit all 50 states (already visited 15)

7. See the Northern Lights

8. Get a tattoo

9. Donate thousands of dollars to different charities

10. Find love and be happy

These are the top ten crazy ideas on my bucket list! It will be expensive but I am determined to accomplish every single idea on my bucket list. My family and friends think I am crazy and do not approve of all my ideas, but I know it’ll be fun and all worth the while. Now that I am making my own money, I’m excited to see what the first thing on my list will be! Maybe, skydiving?


I love meeting new people, sharing my personal stories, and always staying true to myself.
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