Movies/TV From Your Childhood to Watch on Netflix

The title says it all! Read below for four TV shows/movies from your childhood that you should re-watch on Netflix to re-live the magic!

Totally Spies (Season 1): Yes, the best show ever is back on Netflix. If you watched this as a kid, you know it was like the best show ever. What’s better than female, butt-kicking spies? Nothing. And while it’s only season one, fingers crossed that they’ll add more soon!

Magic School Bus (Seasons 1-4): Everyone remembers watching the Magic School Bus in elementary school, no matter where you went. So if you want to go back to your childhood, watching the Magic School Bus is a surefire way to do it. Plus, besides being super entertaining, it’s also educational.

Disney Channel Original Movies: These were the best movies. Who needs blockbuster movies when you have Disney movies? Netflix has all the great DCOMs like Camp Rock 1 & 2, The Cheetah Girls, Princess Protection Program, etc. They’ve got it all and it’s awesome.

Spy Kids Movies (1, 2 & 3): Yup, you can now have a Spy Kids marathon. Who didn’t want to be a spy after watching these movies? Watching them as an adult makes you realize how kind of stupid they are, but they’re entertaining and nostalgia-inducing for sure.